Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Ten...

Raph12 vs Raph87

Round 1. Battle 6.

Location : Battle Nexus Cinema Room

"So what are we watching?" Raph07 munched on popcorn and waited for the movie to begin. His muscles were aching from the fight with RaphPrime but he was too agitated to sit still and wait for his next fight. He was pumped and wanted to keep going. To relieve tension, all the winners and losers from previous rounds had gathered together to occupy themselves and keep distracted.

There's a new dimension that has branched out from Home World," Don12 explained as he inserted the Blu-Ray into the machine, "While the others are still fighting in the first round, we may as well see what all the fuss is about."

The Daimyo's private cinema room was full to bursting. Raph07, Leo03, Leo97 and Don07 were sitting together on the sofa. RaphPrime was sitting cross-legged on the floor. Mike12 and Mike87 were sat on a beaten beanbag opposite the sofa. Don87, Don12 and Don97 had gathered on another sofa. All were agitated, muscles twitching. Bodies raring to fight some more.

"Where did you get the DVD from, Donnie?" Mike12 asked as he reached for his 3D specs, "Wow, I'm putting 3D bandanna specs on my actual bandanna! How cool is that?"

"From a director called Michael Bay. I had to go see him in Home World for him to believe it was me. He almost passed out from fright," Don12 chuckled at the memory, "I think I blew his mind when I started talking about all the dimensions. He handed me lots of 3D bandanna glasses and a copy of the Blu-Ray. He said, and I quote, 'Dude, just take it.'"

"Michael Bay? The guy that did Transformers?" Don07 asked.

"Transformers? What the hell is that?" RaphPrime asked, feeling out of his depth.

"You've never seen Transformers? You are so going to watch that after," Mike12 promised, wolfing down a handful of popcorn.

"Everyone quiten down ... It's starting." Leo03 settled back as the credits began to roll. He looked a little odd in his 3D glasses mask. His actual bandanna was leaking out from behind the blue plastic in a lighter shade of blue. The serious expression on his face lightened considerably by the bold glasses resting on his beak, shadowing his eyes as he focused on the film.

The movie started and the room fell silent.

Raph12 looked around the holding area. There were definitely less turtles than before. In fact, every turtle who had fought in the competition previously had now disappeared from sight.

Casey12 was passing and Raph12 grabbed onto his shoulder. "Hey! Where's all the others go? I'm missing two brothers here!"

"They're watching a movie in the Daiymo's private cinema room. They'll be back soon enough," Casey12 explained. "There's another world branching out from Home World, whatever that means."

Raph12 shrugged, then looked angrily at Casey12, "They're missing my fight to go see a movie?"

"Hey, don't kill the messanger," Casey12 shrugged.

"How come you're not watching it?" Raph12 asked curiously.

"Miss my bestie have his fight? No chance," Casey12 crowed. "Besides, apparantly, I'm not in the movie anyway. There's no Casey Jones in that new world."

"So that's why you're hanging around," Raph12 slapped his friend on the head. "Should'ave known."

"You ready?" Raph87 was already walking out into the main arena.

"I'm always ready," Raph12 slapped Casey12 once more on the head, before heading out into the main arena.

Raph12 watched as April 12 made her way to the holding area and held the pet turtle firmly in her arms. Spike watched his owner whilst chewing on a leaf. There was a blissful expression on Spike's face as he watched Raph12 carefully.

"It's so good to have Spike back to normal," Raph12 confessed as he patted the turtle gently on the head, a small throaty rumble coming from its throat.

"I can't believe he opted to become a pet turtle again," April12 smiled. "I mean, he gave up on everything. He was a mutant and had special abilities."

"The mutagen affected him differently," Raph12 confessed. "It warped his mind, made him a monster. In the end, he just wanted to come back home."

"But not as Slash," April12 surmised.

"Definitely, not as Slash!" Raph12 confirmed. He petted the turtle gently on the head once more before joining Raph87 out on the main stage, "Make sure he can see everything, April!"

April12 nodded and Spike raised his head curiously, the leaf currently forgotten. The little turtle's eyes widened as he saw both turtles get into a ready stance.

"I'll make this easy on you," Raph12 promised, twirling both sai aggressively at the other version of himself. "Make up for hanging you out to dry on our last adventure together."

"Maybe," Raph87 took out his sai confidently. "Or maybe I'll be the one going easy on you."

"You kiddin', right? Look pal, I'm the best fighter on my team," Raph12 circled his opponent.

Raph87 snorted and looked towards the cheering audience, "He thinks he's got this in the bag, folks. What an over-achiever!"

Raph12 snarled and leapt forward, his sai thrusting at the other in quick succession as Raph87 caught the centre prong within his own weapon and tugged forcefully.

Raph12 kept hold of his own weapon, grinning manically as Raph87 failed to dislodge his grip, "Having a little trouble there, little fella?"

"We're the same height, man. Give it a rest already," Raph87 pivoted his body, moving into a side stance to create a lesser target.

"Not quite, short stuff," Raph12 blocked a thrust with his sai and followed through with a thumb spin, hitting out with the handle to stun his opponent.

Raph87 ducked beneath the handle and rolled into a tight ball, backing off towards the back of the arena moving back to the holding area, "Whatever you want to believe, bud." He aimed a kick at Raph12 and caught his plastron as the other turtle veered back, preparing to launch another attack.

Raph12 huffed and fell to his knees as the kick stunned him momentarily. He looked over to the holding area and saw April standing there, eyes wide in surprise, holding his equally surprised pet turtle, "That was a lucky shot, man. Last one you're gonna get."

"Or maybe you and I are more evenly matched than you think," Raph87 winked at the other turtle who was quickly losing his temper.

"Enough already! Let's fight!" Raph12 charged forward, determined to end this battle once and for all. He spun his sai and leapt towards Raph87 who was merely standing there, watching him with a big smile on his rounded face. He was angry and his rage was blinding.

Raph87 dodged the assault and spun his own sai, trapping Raph12's weapons and tugging both of them neatly out of his grasp. Raph12 changed his tactic to unarmed combat instantly, fluidly, his fists raised as he roared with fury, punching at the tubby turtle with all his might.

The strength of Raph12's attack was almost too much for Raph87 to bear. He was becoming tired from trying to block the stronger turtles moves and decided to move back a few steps and create more space between them.

Raph12 followed, relentlessly attacking his opponent in a bid to over-power him. In his blinded rage, he failed to see the other turtle bring up the sai hilt of his own weapon and bring it down with a forceful thud upon Raph12's head.

Staggering wildly, Raph12 fell to the ground in dazed heap of confusion. As Raph87 leapt high into the air and descended upon the stunned warrior, the protection spell automatically kicked in and Raph12 was transported to the holding area.

He lay there for a short while, seeing stars as blinding as suns orbit around him with nauseating speed.

"You okay Raph?" A timid voice forced him back to reality. A hand patted his shoulder, an annoyingly patronising gesture that could only come from one person.

"No, I am not okay! Don't tell me that little pudge beat me!" Raph12 shook his head, trying to process the information, "Get your hand off my shoulder, Leo!"

"Okay, it's gone!" Leo12 stood back and allowed Raph12 time to come back to his senses fully.

Raph12 groaned when he saw both his sensei standing above him with a concerned look on his face and the pitying glance his brother was giving him, "He beat me! He beat … me!"

"Yeah, but you fought well. You totally had him on the ropes for a moment there," Leo12 flashed a smile but Raph12 grunted and remained sitting on the floor.

"I'm kinda glad Mikey and Donnie aren't here to see this," Raph12 grumbled.

"Hey, it was close. You almost knocked me out too," Raph87 emerged from his victory parade with Gyoji, a goofy smile broadening his face. The holding area was painfully quiet and Raph12 couldn't contain his embarrassment.

"Yeah, yeah," Raph12 struggled to his feet and shrugged. Without another word he walked out of the holding area, grabbing his pet turtle from April's arms and headed out to find a quiet place where he could digest his defeat.

Mike12 was immersed in the movie. Eyes wide, he watched the newer version of himself with awe.

"We've just had word from the arena," Leo03 looked over at Mike12 with a small smile. "Your Raph was beaten by the little guy."

In a moment, Mike12 was on his feet and racing out of the door, "Raph got beat! Whoah."

"What about the movie, Mikey?" Don12 shouted as the exuberant turtle disappeared from the room. He paused the movie and waited for a reply.

"I'll watch it later!"Mike12's voice echoed as he ran off without looking back.

"Guess we're watching the movie without him then," Don12 pushed the play button.

"Shouldn't we wait until he get's back?" Leo03 asked.

"Nah, he has the concentration levels of a goldfish," Don12 admitted. "He can watch it another time."

The turtles settled back and watched the movie in silence.

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