Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Thirty-Three...

To Sleep Perchance

Splinter12 found himself standing in a living area, surrounded by turtles from different dimensions. In an instant, his two sons and April12 had arrived also. They all stood together and took in their surroundings. April12's eyes were wide with wonder. She grasped Raph12's arm a little harder.

"Easy on the arm, sister." Raph12 groaned, pulling him arm back with a roll of his eyes. "Yeah, I know. There are loads of us. You'll get used to it."

"Ah, esteemed sensei. It is an honour to have you here. I have heard so many good things about you from your sons." Splinter03 hobbled out of the kitchen and shook Splinter12's furry paw. "Your son is this way. Please, follow me." Splinter03 led the alternate version of himself into his own bedroom. He left the Master there alone to converse with his son, but stayed close to the chamber in case he was needed.

April12 stayed where she was, trying to take in all the versions of her beloved turtles. She wandered over to two versions of Raphael - noting that one was completely colourless. A man stood among them chatting casually. She felt a warm blush come to her face and turned away so the man wouldn't see her reddening features. He was handsome. Very handsome.

Raph12 and Leo12 exchanged a look and then shadowed the young woman instinctively.

"Hi! I'm April." April12 held out a hand and shook RaphPrime's hand curiously. He felt normal, even if he was monochrome. Raph03 smiled and laughed a little when he noticed April12's blush.

"Good ta meet ya, kid." Raph03 grinned. He nudged the man beside him playfully. "This is Casey Jones. He's our friend and our April's husband."

"Wow. Really? Your April isn't with Don?" April12 asked. She looked at a space on the wall, trying to ignore Casey03's chiselled body.

"I hope not." Casey03 laughed aloud. "That'd be an affair."

"Wow." April12 felt a little overcome. She felt an instant connection with the tall man, but also ashamed. He winked at her affectionately. She blushed and turned away.

"April, I need you do something for me." Splinter12 poked his head out of the end chamber and beckoned the youngster toward him.

"I'd better go help Master Splinter" April12 stammered, leaving the little group and wandering over to the bedroom, hoping that she wouldn't accidentally fall on her face and look like an idiot in front of the handsome man.

Raph12 and Leo12 shared another glance. It was clear April12 had a crush on Casey03.

Raph12 shrugged and whispered to his older brother. "It's only natural. They are human, right? What chance does Donny have anyway? It's not like they can have a thing."

"Raph." Leo12 turned and gave his brother a stern expression. "Don't even think about mentioning this to Donny. Keep quiet."

Splinter12 opened a sliding door and made his way into the small chamber. Leo87 was wrapped up on the rat's bed, cushioned with pillows to make him comfortable. Don12 was sat on a chair by his side, watching the little turtle intensely.

"Donatello." Splinter12 walked over to his son and crouched before him. "What has happened? How can I help you?"

Don12 brightened at the familiar face of his sensei. "There's nothing anyone can do now, Master. The operation is over. We have to wait and see how this little guy recovers."

"If there is nothing more you can do, then maybe you should rest for the time being." Splinter12 placed a hand on Don12's shoulder.

Don12 shook his head, his eyes weary with tiredness. "He's my patient, sensei. I have to stay here. If he needs emergency assistance and I'm sleeping somewhere, I, I'd never be able to forgive myself."

Splinter12 nodded, stroking his slight beard deep in thought. "I see. If that little turtle awakens and needs support, and you are too tired to function properly, then you might do more harm than good."

"No, I'm more than capable." Don12 said, his voice cracking slightly. "I just need to stay here. That's all."

Splinter12 got to his feet. "Then would you not trust April to continue this observation. She is here and is willing to assist you."

Don12 smiled and all the tiredness momentarily disappeared from his face. "She's here? Wow. That's great. No, no, no. I have to be the one to stay here. I can't put that on April."

"April is a strong girl." Splinter12 pushed gently.

"No. It's my job." Don12 said firmly.

Splinter12 continued to stroke his beard as he considered all the options. He decided to be firm and assert his own authority to reach his student. "I will watch the wounded turtle, Donatello. Go get some rest."

Don12 shook his head. "I can't allow that, sensei. It's crucial that I be here, at least for a while."

Splinter12 nodded and left the room momentarily. He called over to April12 who was chatting to some Raphael's and a tall muscular man. "April, I need you do something for me."

April12 nodded and walked over to join her Master. "Yep, what?"

"Convince Donatello to rest. He is reluctant to leave the injured turtle and needs sleep."

"Sure, I'll get him to rest." April12 confidently walked past Splinter and pushed open the door. "Donny? You in here?"

"April." A tired voice greeted her from the relative darkness of the chamber. "I know what sensei sent you in here for. I'm not moving."

"Come on, Donny. Any of us could sit here and take over. We just need you to rest for a while." April12 pushed as Splinter12 joined her. "You can be back here in an hour if you want."

"No." Don12 was resolute. "I'm staying put."

Splinter12 turned to the door. Splinter03 was hovering nearby and he called out to the smaller rodent. "Would you fetch some bedding and pillows for me, please?"

Splinter03 smiled in understanding and walked briskly away.

"What we gonna do?" April12 asked in a whisper. "He's not going to budge on this one."

"So, to clarify, my son, you will not leave this room." Splinter12 confirmed as the other version of himself brought in a mass of bedding. Splinter03 created a nest on the other side of the chamber and waited patiently for the outcome.

"Exactly." Don12 folded his arms. "I am not leaving this room."

"Very well." Splinter12 nodded in agreement. "So it shall be."

Don12 turned to the bed for a second then felt a breeze. He looked back, startled, with wide eyes to find his sensei standing over him. "Master?"

Splinter12 gently grasped Donatello's left arm and performed a three point pressure manoeuvre. April12 was amazed. He simply felt two points on Don12's arm and then hit behind the turtles ear slit deftly. Don12 flopped into the arms of his Master, unconscious. (*)

"Wow. What was that?" April12 asked as she grabbed the turtle's legs and helped Splinter12 move him to the makeshift bed. "I've never seen anything like that before."

"Pressure points." Splinter12 answered, wrapping the bedding around his son's body protectively. "Donatello would not see reason. He has been placed in a position of responsibility that has worn him down. This was the only option. This is the very reason I did not give Donatello the reins of leadership over his brothers."

April12 nodded. She helped her sensei cover Don12 with blankets and placed pillows around him gently. "How long will he be out?"

"As long as he needs." Splinter12 affirmed, taking the seat that Don12 had left empty. "I will sit with the little one."

April12 sat cross-legged on the floor next to Don12's slumbering form. "I'll stay too."

Both sensei and human student remained in the chamber as Don12 murmured in his troubled sleep. April12 grasped Don12's green hand inside both of her own, her brow furrowed with confusion. She still didn't understand what was happening, but she knew she had to help her friend.

Casey03 was no longer on her mind.

(*)I have a link to the actual manoeuvre so you can see it being performed on You Tube. Don't know whether it is a genuine thing, but it’s definitely something I could see Splinter12 doing to force his son to sleep.

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