Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twenty-Seven...

The Battle

Location : Home World

ShredderPrime got to his feet unsteadily and glared at Leo07. "Do you really think you can take me on? I am The Shredder!"

"He's got help." Leo03 declared grimly. "We'll take you down, no matter what."

Mike03 glanced over at Leo87. He was being assisted by Mike87, Leo12 and Mike12. "You'd better hope he lives."

"Or what?" ShredderPrime said haughtily. "I will destroy all of you. Your brothers will all die by my hands."

Leo07 flashed ShredderPrime a dangerous smile. "You won't come near my brothers, Shredder."

ShredderPrime made a sudden move intending to attack the distracted turtles tending to Leo87. Leo03 blocked his path and dodged a volley of blows and slashes from the sharp armour. The enemy kicked Leo03 in the face, and the turtle fell to the ground heavily. He wheezed and his green hand flew to his face in surprise and shock. Eyes tightly closed he didn't notice his antagonist bearing down upon him.

ShredderPrime raised a foot to bring down on the turtles neck in a final strike. Mike03 intercepted him, and forced him backwards with his nunchuk's catching the metal spikes and driving him away from his injured brother. Leo07 jumped into the fray, wielding Leo87's blade. He spun the weapon masterfully as he closed in on their foe, his strikes powerful and deadly. Mike07 thrust from the other side, his agile movements keeping ShredderPrime responding defensively. In fact, the evildoer couldn't release a single strike, he was too busy protecting himself from the attack en mass. ShredderPrime back flipped out of the melee only to be kicked in the stomach by Mike12. The younger turtle had crept up behind the villain after helping Leo87. He grinned confidently at everyone, his smile a mile wide.

"I'm back, guys!" Mike12 laughed as ShredderPrime fell, winded. "Miss me?"

"Watch out!" Leo07 charged forward and pulled the younger turtle out of the way a second before ShredderPrime unleashed a deadly blow with his metal armour to Mike12's head. The slashing spikes connected with Leo07's upper arm leaving a bleeding gash. The older turtle gasped in pain and drew them both away from the enemy before them. He appraised his own wound critically. He had had worse. He would live.

"You saved my life, bro." Mike12's eyes were wide. "Thanks. I owe you one."

"Keep your concentration and focus, and we'll call it even." Leo07 promised with a slight smile.

Leo03 got to his feet and looked at the battle raging all around him. He had recovered sufficiently enough to rejoin the fight, and he scanned the room strategically, looking for a way of surprising their opponent. Mike03 and Mike07 had launched a double assault on ShredderPrime. Leo03 stealthily moved behind ShredderPrime's line of sight. He edged behind their adversary with a plan forming in his mind. Distracted, their foe didn't notice the turtle moving quietly towards him. Leo03 slashed out with his katana's, slicing open a deep gash on ShredderPrime's left shoulder.

"Arghh!" ShredderPrime fell backwards, his arms flailing. "Curse you!"

Mike12 joined the assault, swinging his nunchuk’s threateningly. ShredderPrime looked desperately around himself at his enemies. Hatred stamped his face with a chillingly cold expression. He knew he was outnumbered, possibly even outmatched. He clutched his shoulder in agony. The malefactor turned to face the turtles in a blind rage, a plan forming in his evil head. Turning suddenly, he flipped over the heads of the Mikey's and grabbed Mike12 from behind. Holding a razor sharp spike to Mike12's neck, he warned the others. "Back off, or I behead this annoying creature!"

Mike07, Leo07 and Leo03 hesitated.

The young turtle looked terrified. Mike12 balled his hands into fists and looked around himself desperately. Gulping, he drew a shaky breath and looked into the eyes of his comrades.

"Do it, guys." Mike12 said finally. He closed his eyes tightly and waited for ShredderPrime to kill him. "Take him out. Don't worry about me."

"He'll kill you." Leo07's hands tightened around his weapons. "We're not about to let you die!"

"It's for the greater good." Mike12 insisted, moisture trickling out of his closed lids. He tightened his fists and then opened his eyes bravely. He looked directly at Leo07, his voice quavering a little. "Tell my bro's, I love them. Tell Master Splinter I tried my hardest. I just wasn't good enough."

"Mikey, no!" Leo03 gasped. "We can get you out of this. Trust us."

Mike12 struggled in ShredderPrime's grip. It was useless. The spike was digging into his neck with its cold and ruthless pressure. He could see no way out, and he was preparing himself to die. He felt the spike dig into his throat more, and the pain intensified.

This was it.

He was going to die.

Suddenly, Mike12 felt ShredderPrime's hold lessen. The spike fell away from the turtles throat in an instant and he remained for a few seconds shaking with fear and the unbelievable realisation that he was still alive. He heard a spurt from behind him and trembled as his enemy dropped to the ground. He turned, wide-eyed, and looked into the eyes of his older brother.

"Hands off my baby bro, villain." Leo12 whispered through clenched teeth. His katana’s were drawn, although one was dripping with blood. ShredderPrime's back was sliced cleanly, his spinal cord severed. The angry monochrome opponent was unable to move, and he merely looked at the turtles converging upon him, rage flashing in his eyes.

Mike12 looked down at their enemy and then looked back at his brother. His eyes brightened and he beamed a huge smile. "You came back!"

"I wasn't going to leave you here." Leo12 lay a hand on his brother's shoulder. "We're a team."

Mike12 sniffled. His mouth trembled as he looked at his reliable and life-saving older brother. He hugged Leo12 with a sudden intensity. "I love you, man."

Leo12 chuckled and patted Mike12 on the shell reassuringly. "I know, Mikey."

Mike12 held on to his brother for dear life. Leo12 turned away from the other turtles around them, sudden moisture building in his eyes. He rubbed his brother's shell affectionately and waited for the emotional outburst to pass.

Leo07 knelt down on one knee beside the injured man. He raised Leo87's katana with cold eyes. "Any last words before I end your suffering?"

ShredderPrime gasped as he tried desperately to speak. "Will. Kill. You. All."

Leo07 shook his head. A deadly smile on his face. "Not a chance. You lost. " He brought the sword down onto ShredderPrime's neck, decapitating the foe with a single strike. He looked at the sword in his hand and sighed. "It's over."

"Not quite." A portal was opening by the inner door and a being stepped out in front of them all.

It was Savanti Romero.

He reached for a piece of paper by one of the monitors and held it aloft. "I believe you are looking for this."

Leo07 ran forward and slashed at the monster before him. Sheathing Leo87's sword, Leo07 drew his own katana's and punched and kicked at his foe. He tried to grab the paper, but Savanti Romero kept the turtle at a distance.

Two FootPrime came through the inner door and flanked Savanti Romero, just as the antagonist knocked Leo07 back. Horrified, they looked at ShredderPrime's lifeless body. "Our Master!"

"Is dead." Savanti Romero nodded towards the two FootPrime. "Vengeance will be ours. We must finish this now. Kill Eastman and Laird."

As the two FootPrime edged back towards the inner door, Mike07 looked at his dimensional duplicates and nodded.

"Guess that's our cue." Mike03 jumped nimbly past Savanti Romero and intercepted the two FootPrime before they could open the door. Mike07 followed a second later, flanked by Mike12.

"Mikey's! What are you doing!" Leo07 shouted as the Mikey's all converged on the inner door. He had resumed his battle with Savanti Romero. Leo03 and Leo12 also ran at the rogue time demon, forcing the battle away from the inner door. "Get back here."

"Trust us, this is important. Take care of Savanti Romero, bro's. We have to do something." Mike03 shouted back, grappling one of the FootPrime. Both turtle and monochrome criminal crashed into the inner door and it splintered with the weight of the two warriors. The door collapsed and Mike03 disappeared into the other room still battling his adversary. Mike07 followed instantly and Mike12 paused before heading into the other room.

"Booyakasha!" Mike12 yelled before diving through the door to aid the other Mikey's.

It was utter pandemonium as the remaining two FootPrime in the other room attacked the Mikey's simultaneously. Mike03 spied the two men unconscious on a mattress on the other side of the room. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. "We've found them, guys. Hold them back, I'll go check they are okay."

Mike12 and Mike07 formed a barrier between themselves and the two unconscious men. Mike03 checked their vitals and found them merely unconscious. He breathed a sigh of relief. "They're okay. Just sleeping."

"Stay by their side." Mike07 ordered, driving the FootPrime backwards. A strike from his nunchuk felled one FootPrime, and he crashed unconscious to the floor. "We'll handle these Foot guys."

Mike12 felled another ninja, his kusarigama knocking the man senseless. "Two to go."

Mike07 grinned playfully at the smaller turtle. Lashing out with his weapon, the turtle hit a FootPrime in the throat. The man buckled and fell, wheezing and coughing up blood. "Make that one."

Mike12 finished off the last FootPrime with a roundhouse kick and stood there with his arms folded, grinning widely. "And I put the sprinkles on that sundae!"

Lifting up Kevin's limp form, Mike03 turned and looked at his doppelgangers. "Grab the other one! We need to get these guys out of here."

Mike07 lifted Pete up gently. He hefted the unconscious man over his shoulder and indicated for them to make a move. "We'll sneak these two past the fight in the other room and head for the roof."

"What do we do then?" Mike12 scratched his head. "What do we do with these two? Take them home and bake them pizza?"

"We'll worry about it later." Mike07 gestured for his dimensional duplicates to follow him quietly. He transferred Peter to his other shoulder, the dead weight of a grown man awkward to say the least. "Come on. Let's go."

DonPrime looked at Renet and nodded. "All the pieces are falling into place."

"Not quite. We're one Mikey down." Renet gulped. "I didn't expect that to happen."

"This is a battle, Renet. There will be casualties." DonPrime reprimanded the young Time Lady. "You sent them in. They all might die."

"No. I don't want them to die." Renet gasped, her eyes wide with fear. "We have to do something. What can we do?"

DonPrime observed the battle from a Dimensional Window and sighed. They were still on the rooftop, but unable to intervene. When Leo87 had been injured, DonPrime had fought the urge to go to the turtles aid. He knew how important they both were, and they had little choice but to remain out of the way. Observing. From a distance. "We can't do anything, Renet. We have to sit this out."

"I know. I know." Renet was becoming impatient. "I just didn't expect the little one to be hurt."

"Me too." DonPrime's eyes narrowed. "All we can do it sit, wait and watch."

"Maybe. Or you can tell us what to do with these guys!"

Renet and DonPrime turned to see the Mikey's converge upon their location. Two of them were carrying Kev and Pete over their shoulders, the third walking with a confident strut. He grinned at the Timestress and the Prime. "Everything went A-okay!"

DonPrime smiled proudly. "Knew you guys could do it. The Leo's are handling Savanti Romero. They'll get the original drawing back. For now, take these men home. I have their addresses here." He passed a small piece of paper to the Mikey's.

"We're on it! We'll have them home in minutes." Mike12 winked at the Prime, taking the paper and saluting wildly.

"Good. Get going. They will be waking up within the next half hour. You need to be out of sight when that happens." DonPrime nodded at the Mikey's. "Be stealthy. Don't let either man see you."

"No problem. Stealth is our middle name." Mike12 led the way as the other two turtles carried Kevin and Peter. It was an uncomfortable process to get the sleeping men off the roof and back to their homes. Heaving around two unconscious men was no easy task.

DonPrime sighed with relief and turned to Renet. "We're almost there. Savanti Romero is the last card on the table."

"Yeah, but he's a dangerous card." Renet gulped. "Even worse than the Prime Shredder."

"They'll be all right." DonPrime nodded. "They are the Leo's. No one can take them on. Not three of them, at any rate."

"I hope you're right." Renet whispered, looking at their Dimensional Window. "The Leo's are tough, but we're talking Savanti Romero here. That evil demon started all this by contacting the Prime Shredder. I know how dangerous he can be."

"Trust them." DonPrime lay a reassuring hand on Renet's shoulder. "No-one is better suited to the job. The Leo's have the best chance of success."

Renet's bottom lip quivered slightly. She watched the battle quietly.

This was the final fight.

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