Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twenty-Six...


….. A quick note; Splinter and April will now have the cartoon years added to their names to avoid confusion.


The portal opened in the warehouse and the two turtles walked through, carrying their burden carefully. They walked right into the waiting arms of Don87 - his face contorted with misery - as he helped to carry his brother to the laboratory.

"What we gonna do?" Mike87 wailed at his dimensional brother. "Leonardo's hurt!"

Don03 appeared at the lab door with Leatherhead in tow. "Bring him in quickly. We need to reattach the severed limb quickly. We haven't got much time!"

Leo87 was taken straight through into the lab. He was set down on a gurney on his stomach. Don12 assessed the wound with a critical eye. April03 had gone white with shock.

Leo12 turned to everyone in the room. "I have to go back."

Don12's eyes grew wide. He looked up from the wound and faced his dimensional brother. "What? You don't have to. You can stay here."

"Donny. It's okay. They need me. Mikey needs me. I can't leave him without backup from his own brothers. I'll be back soon." Leo12 winked confidently at his brother and then left the room quickly.

"Don't get hurt!" Don12 yelled as the door closed. He had paled at the thought of his own brother going back into that bloodbath. Then his thoughts turned to Mike12 in battle without any of them to back him up. He began to tremble violently.

"Leonardo!" Splinter03 came through the door. His expression was of horror. "What happened here!"

"ShredderPrime injured the little Leo." Don03 explained. "We're going to perform microsurgery to reattach the limb."

"Will that work?" April asked, her voice trembling with concern.

"We're not sure. We have to get on with this. Don?" Don03 turned to Don12. "You know a lot about biology. We'll be backing you up."

Don12 nodded, his face ashen. "I'm petrified. I've never done anything like this before."

"Do you think you can do this?" Don03 asked, laying an arm on the youngster's shoulder. "There's no shame in saying you're not up to it."

"I have to do this." Don12 began to prepare his equipment. "I'm the only one of you who has studied biology to this degree. I know I can do it. I'm just terrified I'll get something wrong."

"Do your best, Don. You have us. We're going to help." Don03 squeezed Don12's shoulder.

Don07 sat mutely at the transmitting machine. He had decided to stay at the computers should anything else happen in Home World. He was going to remain at the computer - giving information to the turtles still in combat.

Leatherhead had acquired various equipment for the surgery. "Utrom technology has greatly advanced our knowledge on microsurgery. For example, it is now possible to reattach bone without using pins or wire. You can literally fuse bone back together just as strongly as it was before."

Don03 nodded. "It's not the bone I'm worried about. I'm seriously thinking of using nanotechnology to help attach the arteries and blood vessels. We need to get blood pumping back into that limb as soon as possible."

"Can you guys be quiet!" Don12 shouted. "I'll fuse the bone first! Leatherhead, what were you saying about this Utrom technology? We'll use that, but we have to do this fast. Let's get on with this!"

Leatherhead brought the bone-fusing device for Don12 to operate. The turtle was shaking under the pressure and Splinter03 lay a furry arm on his shoulder.

"Donatello. You need to contain your fears. Breathe slowly and deeply. Then continue." Splinter watched as the younger turtle took in a few shaky breaths.

"I'm ready, sensei. Let's do this." Don12 began prepping the wound carefully. He looked at the clean cut and, for a moment, was grateful for that one fact. It would make things so much easier. At least sword injuries were neat and precise.

Leatherhead, Don03 and Don87 formed a small circle around the gurney. Ready to assist during the surgery, they remained silent and let the youngster proceed. They watched quietly as Don12 got to work and smelt smoke as the bone was refused. The scent of blood and smoke hung heavy in the air and Don07 shivered as he sat at the computer.

"What is Utrom technology? I heard the word earlier but wasn't sure what it meant." Don07 whispered to April03. She was still shaking, her eyes wide with fear.

"Our Don has had a lot of experience with an alien technology called Utrom. " April03 explained. "They have much more advanced methods for dealing with injury and disease. Also, our turtles have been to the future and have brought back knowledge when they returned. You could say our Don has seen just about everything medical science will ever have to offer."

"Interesting." Don07 nodded. "I just hope that knowledge can help us now."


Dimension : TMNT87 / New York

Splinter87 was meditating in his room. He hadn't heard from his turtles in a while, but his mind was greatly troubled by their absence. He had tried the Turtle Com's but to no avail. All he received was static.

"My students. Where are you?" Splinter87 tried to clear his mind. Dispel the worry from his thoughts.

As he reached a deeper state of relaxation Splinter87 felt the presence clearly. His eyes opened in shock. "Leonardo!"

"Splinter?" April87 came into his room. "Where are the turtles? I haven't seen them all day?"

Splinter87 shook his head. "I do not know, April. I feel something bad has happened to Leonardo. I am trying to connect to his spirit through meditation."

April87 nodded. "Carry on, Splinter. I'll go to Channel 6 and see if anyone has heard anything."

She left the room quickly. Splinter87 was glad of this. He needed to concentrate to achieve the meditative state he needed to connect with Leonardo. He felt himself moving out of his body towards his stricken student. It was strange. As if his son were in another world, another dimension. He could feel Leonardo's acute pain, but he could not communicate. If the turtle was unconscious then this could be the reason why. He might be under a sedative, deep in a restless slumber.

Splinter87 called out to his son. He reached out with everything he had, circling around his student's vague spirit to give him strength.

It wasn't Leonardo that answered. He was unconscious and injured.

It was Michelangelo. The turtle suddenly appeared before Splinter87, his face ashen. He looked broken, his spirit floating mindlessly through the vast abyss of the beyond. He was suffering - his eyes looked dead and empty.

"Help us! Master Splinter. Help us!" The ghostly apparition of his son floated before Splinter87. He was reaching out with trembling hands, desperately trying to connect with his sensei. Splinter87 reached forward, intending to grab the spirit close and never let go. At the last moment, before he reached the stricken turtle, Michelangelo faded into the void. His voice was still echoing the desperate plea. "Help us!"

With a jolt, Splinter87's eyes flew open. "My son!"

Splinter87 packed a small bag and readied himself. He had to get to Leonardo and Michelangelo. He sat in the dojo and concentrated his mind on the location of his students. He felt the energy within his aged body release itself in a sudden beam of light. The light contracted, then lessened. Splinter87 concentrated harder, his whole focus on the task of locating his sons. He felt the crack through dimensional walls before he saw the multiverse open itself completely to him.

Sheer force of will had opened the gateway to his student's. As the vortex appeared before him, Splinter87 stepped through without hesitation.

Don12 fused the bone with the device with a steady hand. Don87 looked over his shoulder at the work being done. He was pallid and resigned, but he allowed the youngster to proceed. "There. All done. Now for reconnecting the blood flow.

"I have just the gadget for that." Don03 rummaged around in his lab. "It's a surgical suturing machine. I've used it several times over the last five years. You need to program what you want stitched back together and the machine does it so finely you can't see the disposable sutures. It uses nanotechnology, and the tiny machines act like a sewing team."

"Sounds impressive." Don12 nodded his head. "Get it over here."

Don03 brought the futuristic tool over to Don12. He was inputting directions into the machine. "I've set it to reconnect arteries and blood vessels. Hold the device over the wound and it will get to work."

Don12 followed the instructions carefully. He held what looked to be a laser over Leo87's mutilated arm. He pressed the button and the wound was engulfed in a bright red light.

"That's the nanorobotics going in with their tiny suture kits. It will take a while for them to complete the job." Don03 nodded at Don12. "We should know if blood flow has been reconnected within the next two hours."

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