Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twenty-Four...

Eye of the Storm, Part One

Location : Home World

Leo03 unravelled a blueprint of the warehouse and lay it on the ground. The other turtles gathered around, memorising the layout of the warehouse with trained eyes in seconds.

The whole building was divided into five rooms. The main bulk was the warehouse, spanning most of the facility. At the rear were four smaller self-contained rooms that had been added for comfort. Two larger rooms led to a smaller bathroom and kitchenette.

Heat signatures from the sensor they had brought indicated that several FootPrime were patrolling the area. There was a single presence before the self-contained rooms - as if guarding them from intrusion.

Inside the first room was one being. Inside the other room were four heat signatures. To get to the second room, you had to go through the first room - which meant confronting whoever was in there. There was no way around this - it was inevitable.

Leo07 led the way down into the warehouse. The other turtles followed him with an easy stealth. The Leonardo's had an intense focus and concentration about them. The Michelangelo's were pale and determined, following behind the leaders with an agile grace.

The main part of the building - the warehouse - was simply a giant room with boxes piled high on various racking. FootPrime were moving silently around the area - paying close attention to the shadows. The rooms were a private area at the back of the building, which could only be accessed by the one door.

The Leonardo's quickly dispatched any FootPrime that ventured too close to the turtles shadowed area. One minute the FootPrime's were walking along, the next minute they had disappeared from view with a fluid move from one of the leaders. The Leonardo's were graceful and lethal. They moved with precision timing - grabbing the men from behind with a headlock and forcing them backwards and into the shadows. A little pressure sent the men into unconsciousness, and then the body was lowered to the floor.

The Mikey's hung back, waiting for direction. They were quite happy to let the Leonardo's take centre stage, and simply watched with narrowed eyes as the Leo's ploughed through the FootPrime easily.

"Mikey's? Circle around and head to the back of the building. We'll cut our way through the front one ninja at a time." Leo07 signalled to everyone and they all melted silently into the shadows.

They were invisible to their adversaries. FootPrime were taken unawares and lay unconscious throughout the building as the Leonardo's edged forward. The racking with its many boxes proved crucial in the element of surprise. The turtles kept their advantage, moving through the warehouse, taking down their enemies one by one.

The Mikey's circled around the back by the main wall and waited for further instruction. There were a couple of FootPrime for them to overcome, but the majority were in the centre - being carefully targeted by the Leonardo's.

Mike07 took care of the two FootPrime they encountered hard and fast. His nunchuk's whipped like a tornado before him, felling his adversaries with the Chukon-bu part of his weapon. The Mikey's quickly reached their assigned location and relaxed into the shadows, weapons at the ready.

Mikey03 looked at the guard stationed in front of the door to the inner rooms and groaned. "Aw, crud. Hun!"

The gigantic mutant turtle had placed himself strategically at the room's entrance, effectively covering the entire door with his bulk, ready to deal with any unwanted visitors. Baxter Stockman was fiddling with some gadgetry, his hands trembling with excitement.

As the Leonardo's drew closer, they could overhear the conversation between Hun and Baxter. The two villains were unaware of their rapidly approaching adversaries and continued to banter with each other.

"This dimensional technology is unbelievable, Hun!" Baxter's grating voice echoed around the warehouse. "We could rule worlds!"

"I'm trying to keep an eye out. Can't you be quiet?" Hun growled suspiciously. He had not seen a single FootPrime for several minutes. "something's up. Where are the ninja?"

"Probably outside doing ninja things." Baxter laughed in a dull, mirthless way. "That's what they do."

Hun rose and looked around the warehouse. His eyes narrowed as he focused on the silent building. "It's quiet."

Baxter looked at Hun and froze. "Too quiet?"

"Maybe." Hun flexed his muscled green arms. In an instant he was battle-ready, his reptilian mouth drawn back in an unflattering scowl. "I'm going to check it out. Stay here and guard this door."

"Me?" Baxter Stockman gulped. "I'm a scientist, not a guard dog."

"Do it, Stockman." Hun growled. "Or I'll beat you to a bloody pulp and leave you for the crows."

"Technically, that couldn't happen because most of my body is now metal ..." Baxter stopped as Hun squared off against him.

"Stockmannnnnnnnnnnnn!" The enraged mutant pressed his beak against Baxter's cyborg face.

"Okay, okay. Ignominious brute!" Baxter huffed. He stood at the door and watched as Hun shuffled off to check the warehouse.

Hun disappeared between the racking and for a moment everything was silent. Then a gigantic angry roar echoed throughout the building.


Baxter craned his metallic neck, trying to see what was happening.

A scuffle was heard briefly before a huge thwack sent Hun flying backwards. He landed in a crumpled heap before Baxter. The monster groaned, his body twisted at a painful angle.

As the Leonardo's emerged before him and the Michelangelo's appeared from behind him, Baxter groaned and wished he was somewhere, anywhere, else other than in front of this damned door.

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