Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twenty-Three...




Mission Codeword : Leonardo

Location : Home World

Objective : Stop ShredderPrime

Main Enemies : ShredderPrime, FootPrime, Hun and Stockman



The Leonardo's and Michelangelo's dropped through to Home World, landing on the roof of an abandoned warehouse.

"Guess this is the place." Leo03 checked his transmitter. "You hear me, Don?"

"Loud and clear. Be careful, bro." Don03's voice was clear, despite the dimensional interference.

"Don't worry. We'll be fine." Leo03 nodded at Leo07. "Okay, you got a plan?"

Leo07 nodded. "We stealthily scope the warehouse and convene on the enemy. We'll take out any stragglers and attack the main group together."

"I wouldn't go in there just yet." DonPrime stepped out from behind a crumbling wall of bricks. "We have to talk first."

Renet followed the Prime with a pale face. "Hi guys. Sorry about all of this. You wouldn't believe the wheels in motion right now."

"Renet?" Leo03 stepped forward warily. "What's going on here?"

"Renet! How are you, babe?" Mike03 waved at the trembling Timestress.

"Guys. This warehouse is the base of the original Shredder. You'd know him as ShredderPrime."

"How'd he end up behind this?" Leo03 asked curiously. "Is he angry we threw him off the roof back in TurtlePrime?"

"Um, well, yes actually. The original Shredder was really upset with you guys. He wanted revenge. However, with no dimensional portal, it wasn't much of a problem. Until Savanti Romero showed up and offered him revenge if they allied up against you. Then it became serious." Renet gulped. "They figured that they could destroy the turtle multiverse if they used the sceptre from Lord Simultaneous. The sceptre is essentially made up of time crystals. Shatter the crystals and you have infinite means of dimensional transport."

"Our Donatello didn't need crystals." Leo87 rolled his eyes. "He can make dimensional portal openers like they were can openers."

"Anyways, we didn't get wind of any of this until the original Shredder and Savanti Romero came into our Fortress between time and space. They caught us unawares, and my Lord was killed. I managed to escape before they captured me." Renet looked at the ground, fighting back a sob. "That makes me Lady Simultaneous. As his apprentice, I was being prepared to take his place and carry on the Time Lineage."

"It's all right, Renet. Please continue." Leo03 stepped forward and patted Renet reassuringly on the arm.

"I went to TurtlePrime to enlist the original turtles help. Savanti Romero was one step ahead of me and had sent a minion to capture them. This Prime escaped, but the others were captured." Renet pointed at DonPrime who nodded grimly. "I barely got to this Donatello in time. We've been flitting between dimensions trying to work out the Master Plan. We were the ones who sent different dimensional turtles to Third Earth using a crystal shard from the main time sceptre and Prime Donatello's genius. Figured we could use all the help we could get."

"The Master Plan?" Leo07 looked at his multi-dimensional brothers. The Mikey's all paled and gulped simultaneously.

DonPrime nodded towards the Mikey's. "There were two parts to the Master Plan. Firstly, use us Primes. Using Sh'Okanabo's slime, they would enlist our unwilling co-operation and use us against the turtle multiverse as a whole. However, the multi-dimensional Raphael's freed them not so long ago. The rest of the Primes are now safe."

"Way to go Raphael!" Leo87 grinned widely.

"The second part of the Master Plan involves this place. Home World." Renet gestured to the world around her. "The original Shredder is currently in this dimension. Along with mutant Hun and Baxter Stockman. They are trying to destroy the original drawing that started all of turtle life."

"Drawing?" Leo07 asked, his eye ridge raised in disbelief. "A placemat started this all?"

"Placemat?" Renet looked confused. "Why a placemat? No, this was a drawing on a piece of paper. It's been stolen and I think the Prime Shredder wants to destroy it. No drawing, no turtles."

"Then we get the drawing back." Leo03 said. "Why haven't they just destroyed it already? It would be easier for them to just burn it up or shred it."

Renet looked over at DonPrime and they snuck a glance at the Mikey's. "There's more at stake than just a drawing. Savanti Romero is keeping tabs on everything from the Fortress. He's feeding intel to ShredderPrime. They probably already know you guys are here."

"What aren't you telling us, Renet?" Leo03's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Trust me. You have everything you need to know right now. You have to defeat ShredderPrime and get that drawing back." Renet and DonPrime slipped back into the shadows. "Good luck, guys. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you."

"I guess that means they won't be helping us with this." Leo03 shrugged and turned to his dimensional Mikey. "Figures."

"It doesn't change anything. The objective is still the same." Leo07 nodded towards the pale and shaken Mikey's. "You guys okay?"

Mike03 nodded, teeth chattering in fear. "We're good. I think."

"We'll be fine." Mike07 nodded. "Let's get on with this."

"Yeah. Let's get this party started." Mike87 rubbed his hands together. "Time to kick some serious shell."

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