Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twenty...

Seeing Red, Part Two

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Leo12 had once told Raph12 that exact phrase after hearing it from Master Splinter. However, experiencing the real thing - whilst following orders from a different leader - was quite another matter.

Raph12 barrelled through the window with brute force. Without thinking. He landed in a roll as the glass shattered into a million fragments and landed everywhere.

Then he looked down. His right leg was oozing blood and a glass shard was sticking out. He raised an eye ridge and huffed in annoyance. "Aw, hell."

The room was in a major panic at the arrival of the four Raphael's. Raph07 had kicked open the back door and had entered the room a second later, followed immediately by Raph03. Both turtles looked battle-ready, their eyes focused on the confusion before them.

The front door had been kicked open with such force it was hanging off its hinges. Raph87 emerged, his face set and determined. He was limping slightly.

Raph07 spied Raph12 tugging on the glass shard in an attempt to free himself. "Don't pull it out!" Raph07 shouted over to Raph12, his face contorted with worry. "Trust me. You'll bleed less."

The room was full of terror. The air was claustrophobic and heavy with tension. Several black-clad FootPrime were running about aimlessly. The three TurtlePrime's were tied to chairs and huddled together in the centre of the room. They were seemingly unconscious, and were floppy against their restraints.

Raph07 ran forward, adrenaline coursing through him, and tackled three FootPrime with surprising ease. He twisted elegantly among the three monochrome men and jabbed them in quick succession. His mighty fists felled them like skittles, and as they dropped unconscious before him, he ran his eyes over his battling dimensional duplicates.

Raph87 leapt through the confused ninja and untied the three TurtlePrime’s instantly. The little guy was talking to them gently, encouraging them to regain consciousness. He slapped RaphPrime in the face suddenly, losing his patience, and shook the turtle's shoulder in dismay. RaphPrime's eyes shot open. He glared at Raph87 and stood up in a fluid movement, as did his brothers.

"Not you again. Thought we took care of you!" Raph03 spied Sh'Okanabo through the confusion. Aiming his UV torch, Raph03 shot a single blast at the monster. Sh'Okanabo took a step back, his bulky hands shielding his face from the pain.

"You will never defeat me! I am Sh'Okanabo. I destroy worlds. You will fall before me this day."

"Yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. We've heard all this crud before." Raph03 suddenly spied the TurtlePrime’s rising from their chairs. There was something ... wrong ... about them. He narrowed his eyes and suddenly realised what was amiss. The TurtlePrime’s were monochrome, except for one thing. Their bright red eyes.

"Little Raph! Get out of the way!" Raph03 shouted at Raph87, his arm elevated in alarm. "They've been slimed!"

"What?" Raph87 spun around to face the TurtlePrime’s. "We're here to save you guys. Come on, you remember me? One of the pudgy ones?"

The resounding crack made Raph03 wince as Raph87 sailed past him and hit the wall. LeoPrime had delivered a forceful blow using his right arm and a powerful chamber punch. Raph87 was out cold.

Aiming the UV torch at the TurtlePrime’s, Raph03 lit them up. Growling in agony, the Primes howled with rage. Slowly but surely they returned to themselves. Sh'Okanabo's infection smouldered as it was destroyed by the light. A smell of burning flooded the room, and Raph03 gagged a little. Looking around themselves, the Primes blinked in astonishment. Their eyes had returned to white orbs, wide with confusion.

"What? What's happening?" LeoPrime asked, bewilderment evident on his face.

"We're under attack! Don't get slimed again!" Raph03 shouted.

"Behind you!" LeoPrime's eyes widened in panic. He raised a muscled arm in warning. "Watch out!"

Raph03 felt the blow crush him from above before darkness swallowed his awareness. Sh'Okanabo had appeared behind him. Distracted, Raph03 failed to notice the monster looming over him. Sh'Okanabo's giant first descended from above, hitting Raphael on the back of the head and the turtle crumpled to the floor in an unconscious heap. The UV torch shattered to useless pieces on the floor, and Raph03 lay unmoving on the ground.

Raph12 was tackled from behind by a black-clad ninja. He grappled with his assailant, trying to shift the man off-balance. The scuffle lasted a few moments until the ninja's eyes fell on the wound in the turtles right leg. His evil eyes widened with sudden understanding. Reaching down, the ninja elbowed Raph12 hard in the face. As the turtle floundered, the combatant tore the glass shard out from the injured leg. The ninja watched in glee as Raph12 fell to the floor, howling in pain.

"Turtles! Fight with honour!" LeoPrime leapt over to Raph12 and kicked the villain in the neck with a particularly brutal roundhouse. He bolstered the injured turtle, concern lacing his words. "You okay?"

Raph12 nodded at the monochrome leader. "Just gotta tie this off and I'm back in the game."

Raph07 appraised the situation. Three Raphael's were down, but the TurtlePrime’s were now free and fighting back. He had been sneaking behind Sh'Okanabo - recognising him as the greatest threat - and now he pounced. Sai's digging into the purple flesh, Sh’Okanabo screamed and turned. He easily threw off the lithe turtle and slammed him into the floor with a loud crack.

"Foot Ninja! Hold your ground!" MikePrime turned and found himself confronted by a new threat. A squat, heavily built Asian man glared directly at the Prime. He stormed forward, punching and kicking as MikePrime fell back defending. "I am Tatsu! You will fall by my superior fighting ability."

Tatsu delivered a lethal combination of quick successive moves. He started with a few quick jabs and a front kick to assess MikePrime's fighting capability. The monochrome turtle easily blocked the first assault, so Tatsu ramped his fighting up a notch. He launched a spinning backfist that MikePrime blocked and then spun into a roundhouse kick. MikePrime dodged easily out of the way and rolled his eyes theatrically.

"Dude, get outta my face." MikePrime dropkicked Tatsu and watched as the man tumbled unconscious to the ground. The TurtlePrime's were gaining the advantage as the number of FootPrime dwindled. LeoPrime was giving his usual narration, bolstered by the thinning number of enemies. LeoPrime landed a forceful butterfly kick on his final assailants as they sailed out of the room and closed the door behind them. RaphPrime high-fived his brother and they both turned to watch the remaining conscious combatants.

Raph12 was fighting FootPrime with a relentless determination, his leg weeping blood through the makeshift temporary bandage he had tied across his wound. The TurtlePrime’s immediately went to the younger turtles assistance, claiming bruising blows on the FootPrime and turning the focus of their assault from Raph12 onto themselves. Raph12 panted, glad of the reprieve, and his hand automatically went to his wound as he collapsed on the floor.

Raph03 groaned and looked around himself. Shakily getting to his feet he looked at the war raging around him. Raph87 was still in an unconscious heap from being thrown across the room. Raph07 was out cold with Sh'Okanabo preparing to deliver a final blow to the unconscious turtle.

Raph03 leapt at Sh'Okanabo before he delivered his final blow to the unconscious turtle beneath him. Pushing Sh'Okanabo back bodily, Raph03 relied on the one talent he was known for. Using all his strength, he pushed the villain out of the broken window and into the sunlight. Sh'Okanabo fell backwards, screaming in sudden pain, and dropped heavily onto the sidewalk below. He exploded in a great splash of purple goop, colouring the colourless sidewalk with a disgusting colourful stain that spread and disappeared down the sewer drain.

Raph03 watched the goop drain away and sucked in a deep breath. He walked over to Raph07 and found the turtle regaining awareness. He watched the lithe turtle get to his feet clumsily, ready to bolster the leader if he fell.

"I'm okay. Check the little guy." Raph07 waved towards Raph87 who was still in a heap on the floor.

Raph12 limped over to the seemingly lifeless turtle. He rolled the little guy over and watched his face for any movement, any sign of life. The small turtle seemed broken and battered, his body horribly fragile. Floppy and unresponsive, Raph12 began to panic. He lifted the little guy into his arms and considered CPR as he shook the smaller body, desperately trying to wake Raph87.

"Come on little guy! Wake up! I'm sorry for tying you up in the dojo. Come back to us, buddy! I promise I'll never do it again!"

Raph87 cracked open an eye and smiled broadly at his square counterpart. "Really? You really mean it?"

Raph12 looked over at the TurtlePrime’s and then winked at Raph87. Then his expression became serious and he growled affectionately at the smaller turtle. "If you tell anyone I'll beat the green off of you!"

Raph87 giggled and allowed his doppelganger to help him to his feet. "I'm so glad I have a shell. I'm so glad I am a turtle." He winced and almost fell backwards onto his shell. Raph12 caught the small turtle and held him upright. "I really misjudged the force needed to kick open that door. My leg is gonna hurt for weeks!"

"Everyone okay?" Raph07 looked around the small group of victors. All turtles nodded, their expressions solemn. Battle was over. They had won.

"I think I almost gave Home World a heart attack." Raph87 sighed, staring at the wall and winked to his voyeurs. "I may be little, but I'm as tough as nails!"

Raph07 laughed and approached the three homogeneous Primes. "We have to get back to Third Earth. To the Donatello's. Immediately."

LeoPrime nodded and signalled for his brothers to follow the Raphael's back through the portal back to Third Earth.

The Raphael's had been successful in their mission.

The Primes were safe.

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