Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Seventeen...


Location : Third Earth Sewer Tunnels

"We're all gonna die!" Mike12 sobbed, his eyes filling with tears. "We're gonna screw this up!"

All Mikey's had come to a halt in the sewer tunnels and were reluctant to move on. The weight of their task was too much.

Mike07 watched the younger turtle sobbing violently and put an arm around his shoulders reassuringly. "There, there. It's okay, little dude. We'll do great."

No, he's right!" Mike03 was trembling, tears sliding down his face. "We're out of our depth. What do we do?"

Mike87 watched his doppelgangers fall apart and sighed deeply. How were they going to manage when everyone kept having emotional breakdowns?

"Look, we are going to do our best. That's all we can do." Mike07 reached across and patted Mike03 on the shoulder with his free hand. "We are going to prove that we are reliable."

"We are?" Mike12 looked at his older counterpart with wide frightened eyes. "I don't even know what that means!"

"Trust me." Mike07 had quickly assumed the position of eldest among the four youngsters. He had a similar air to Leonardo, an authoritive and reassuring presence. Of course, he couldn't keep still for a moment and had a way of tacking the word 'dude' on the end of a lot of his sentences.

Mike03 looked like he was about to throw up. "I have to be serious. I don't know whether I can actually do that."

"Let's go back to the Lair." Mike07 skated off with his multi-dimensional duplicates following close behind him.

Location : Home World

DonPrime had followed the bad guys to a disused warehouse in Home World. It was a gritty place, this Home World. He was oddly out of place in his colourful surroundings, the monochrome turtle slipping into the shadows but actually looking more conspicuous that he would have liked.

Pete was hauled inside through a back entrance - DonPrime guessed he would be joining his friend shortly.

Keeping vigil over the warehouse, DonPrime kept his distance and waited.

The battle was about to commence.

Location : Third Earth, The Lair

"Have you got everything? Rope, shuriken, communicators, daggers, assorted pick tools, the lot?" Leo03 was fussing over his dimensional brother.

"Geez, Leo. Knock it off. Stop acting like Mother Hen. I got this." Raph03 packed his gear and nodded to his doppelgangers. "We're all ready to go."

Leo03 wished he was leading the Raphael's into battle. He hated the thought of four hotheaded non-thinkers going into a dangerous situation.

As if reading his mind, Raph07 gently reassured. "Don't worry. I'm older and more responsible. I won't let them get carried away."

"Ready?" Don03 opened the portal to Turtle Prime. "The Prime turtles are located at an abandoned building east of the docks. They are being held by PrimeFoot - and an old enemy from our past is taking lead."

Raph03 looked up curiously. "Who? Karai? Hun?"

Don03 smiled. "Sh'Okanabo. Remember him?"

Raph03 shuddered. "Great. Mister I-Want-To-Remake-The-Whole-World-In-My-

Image is back? I thought he was history, or the future, or whatever."

Don03 calibrated his device to track the Raphael's on their mission. "We can talk to you directly and co-ordinate from HQ. Once you have the Prime's, get back to HQ. Don't get caught, and don't let Sh'Okanabo slime you and turn you into his zombie minions."

"Gotcha." Raph03 picked up a duffel bag filled with gear and nodded toward his counterparts. "Let's go, bro's."

The Raphael's excitedly jumped into the portal, leaving Leo03 sick with worry.

"Don't worry, they can do this. Besides, the Leo's and Mikey's have to launch an assault on our enemies over in Home World." Don03 explained patiently.

Leo03 nodded and sighed. "Guess I'll just have to trust that they can do the job."

At that moment, four terrified Mikey's returned from their sewer skating.

"I've been trying to call you!" Leo03 shouted over at Mike03. "Why didn't you answer your Shell Cell?"

Mike03 shrugged and looked away.

Leo03 sighed in irritation. "Well, get your gear together. We're going on a mission shortly to Home World. We need you guys as back up when we storm the building. There is ShredderPrime, Hun, Baxter Stockman and maybe others. We're going to be really busy."

"Got it." Mike03 skulked away.

"What's up with him?" Leo03 groaned as he prepared his own bag of tools.

Mike07 shrugged. "Nothing. He's just got the blues from being beaten at sewer surfing."

"This is it." Leo07 made a formidable sight. He was battle ready - katana's polished and sharpened, shuriken attached to his belt, smoke pellets inside a small pocket that ran along the length of his belt. Inside his knee and arm pads were small daggers and a multi purpose survival knife. Inside his wrist pads were lock pick tools of an assorted variety wrapped up in a small wallet. He wore a plastic sheathe over his shell that transformed into a glider when needed. "We all need to be focused from this moment on. No mistakes."

Don07 had joined his brother and was preparing a duffel bag of equipment that included torches, survival knives, lock pick sets, a clock and timer, hydration packs, lighters, matches, explosives materials, night vision monoculars and a first aid kit. He passed this over to Mike07 who took the bag without question and lugged it over his shoulder.

Leo12 was rubbing Mike12's shoulders and saying encouraging things. When the Mikey's had returned to the lair, Mike12 had been red eyed and weepy. Leo12 had noticed immediately and had sought to reassure his brother. Both the youngsters were sitting on the sofa whilst the others prepared, talking in low voices.

Leo87 was putting together an absurd collection of tools which looked too ridiculous to even mention. Mike87 was at his shoulder asking for certain items to be included. Some of his tool bag included ninja throwing stars with a very low blast impact, a wind up torch shaped like a pig, a juice twelve-pack, pizza flavoured chips with pepperoni dip, plastic freezer bags, a whistle, a slingshot, a pocket electric fan made by Carlton Breezy and many other interesting choices.

Finally the Leo's and Mikey's were ready for Home World. They waited patiently as Don03 opened a portal, then slipped through.

"I guess that's it then." Don03 shrugged to Splinter and Casey. "All we can do is follow their progress and hope for the best."

Don03 returned to his doppelgangers in the lab. Leatherhead and April were stirring a vile looking liquid and arguing together over correct temperatures. Don87 was sat at a collection of monitors with Don07. They were following the progress of the multi-dimensional turtles intensely. Don12 was hovering near the two counterparts and kept pacing back and forth. He was wearing a headset and was in contact with the two mission groups.

"The Raphael's are making their way through to Turtle Prime, directly to the location we specified." Don87 explained aloud. "The Leonardo's and Michelangelo's have arrived at Home World. Good luck, guys."

"Good luck." Everyone murmured, as though it were a charm. The atmosphere in the laboratory was tense as all the scientist's prepared themselves for what was ahead.

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