Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Sixteen...

Between Time and Space

Location : Between Space and Time (Fortress of The Forgotten)

Lord Simultaneous was having a bad day.

Firstly his apprentice Renet had broken a valuable item from his collection. A vase from a dimension that no longer existed. He was beyond furious. This wasn't the first accident, and Renet was as clumsy as they came. Not the best choice for an apprentice.

The second event that completely ruined his mood was the arrival of Savanti Romero. The demon had teamed up with Shredder from Turtle Prime and a host of other villains from different dimensions. They had grabbed hold of him, the nerve, and tried to wrestle the time sceptre from his hands.

Of course, he wasn't about to give up this important instrument. Not to the scum of multiverse, at any rate. He didn't see the monochrome Shredder approach and lift his gauntlet ready for a killer strike.

However, the gauntlet sliced right into the time sceptre, shattering the central stones into small fragments.

"Maniacs! What are you doing?" Lord Simultaneous howled as his precious sceptre disintegrated before him. "You've destroyed it!"

"Not entirely." ShredderPrime stood before him in all his monochrome splendour. "You see, the fragments can be utilised with the right technology. I will be able to jump across time and space with a simple device constructed from any one of these fragments."

Savanti Romero gloated from his position behind the original Shredder. "Let's kill Lord Simultaneous now. The girl, too. You promised me you'd kill them if I led you here."

"In time." ShredderPrime indicated for Lord Simultaneous to be brought forward. "The girl. Where is she?"

Lord Simultaneous smiled wryly. "She's off breaking things, as usual."

ShredderPrime nodded to the men behind him. Ninja, all of them. Deadly assassins. "Find her. Bring her to me."

The men bowed respectfully and started to search the fortress. It was a while before they returned. Empty handed.

"Where is the girl?" ShredderPrime demanded.

"She isn't here. She must have left before we arrived."

ShredderPrime was not pleased. He looked at Lord Simultaneous, his eyes dark with hatred and evil. With one strike, he felled the Lord with deadly precision.

Lord Simultaneous' body fell to the floor.

He was dead.

Renet watched in horror as Lord Simultaneous was captured and brought before ShredderPrime.

"Oh my God, Oh my God. What do I do?"

Renet looked around at her surroundings. She was well hidden behind a column, but she knew that her hiding place would be discovered soon.

Fragments of the time sceptre were everywhere. Reaching out, Renet grabbed some small shards that had landed close to her. She knew how to manipulate the shards into becoming dimensional doorways and she closed her eyes and concentrated hard.

She was torn. Lord Simultaneous was in trouble. He needed her.

However, she needed to get out of this situation quickly. She needed to understand exactly what was happening. All her training under Lord Simultaneous became clear. He had been preparing her for this day.

She phased out of the dimension just before the minions of ShredderPrime found her hiding spot.

Renet opened her eyes. She was in a bright white place with little substance. Lord Simultaneous stood before her, bathed in a glowing light.

"Lord Simultaneous? What's happening?" Renet watched the figure before her. He seemed odd. Displaced.

"I have been murdered, Renet. This is a place between the living and the dead." Lord Simultaneous explained patiently.

"No, no, no! It's not true!" Renet fell to her knees and began to sob.

"Renet, I need you to focus. I have something important to tell you." Lord Simultaneous shifted forward, gliding across the distance between them. This was no physical manifestation. Renet was watching a ghost.

"It's Graduation Day, Renet. Congratulations. You are now Lady Simultaneous." Lord Simultaneous smiled grimly. "My time has come to an end, and you are my successor."

"Are you sure I'm ready for this?" Renet asked, gulping. "I'm scared."

"Listen carefully, Renet. I shall only say this once. Gaining the title of Lord (or Lady) Simultaneous is an honour. There have been many of us - I am the twenty-sixth incarnation. You are number twenty-seven."

Renet looked wide-eyed at the spirit before her. "It can't be. You are all powerful!"

"Every Lord or Lady has his or her time. My power has now passed to you. You were my apprentice for this very reason. I now must warn you. Savanti Romero will be trying to kill you - he knows about the Lord Legacy and wants the power for himself. In itself, this is a very bad situation. But there is more."

"More?" Renet was panicking. Her eyes were trembling and fresh tears were running down her cheeks.

"Savanti Romero has united with the original Shredder from Prime. They are seeking a way to destroy the multiverse. The threat from these two powerful beings is too much for one Lord or Lady to handle. You need assistance."

"The Turtles?" Renet got to her feet, her eyes shining with excitement. "Yay! I'll go get them now."

"Not so fast, young Lady. The situation is too much for even The Turtles to handle. Four turtles, at any rate. You need much more than one dimension of mutant Turtles."

Renet nodded in understanding. "I have so much to do. I have to unite them all for the big fight."

"Start with the Prime Dimension, Renet. Tell them who they are fighting and why. They will be able to help form a plan to stop these forces."

Renet nodded, her head swimming with information. "I will. Lord Simultaneous? I'm really going to miss you."

Lord Simultaneous smiled warmly. "I'll miss you too, Renet. For all your clumsy mistakes, I think you'll be the best Lady Simultaneous yet. Good luck." He faded away before the young Lady's eyes, waving fondly, and then disappeared completely.

"I'm the only one who can stop this evil." Renet gasped, suddenly realising how important it was that she not make a mistake. "Oh, crud!"

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