Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Fourteen...

A Good Day For Science

Location : Dimension 'Third Earth'

"Well?" Leo03 asked. He had been sparring hard for hours now, and was keen to learn how the Donatello's were doing. The laboratory was cluttered but alive with activity.

Don87 grinned. "I've made multiple dimensional hand-held devices for everyone. It means we can shift between dimensions at any time."

Don12 smiled shyly. "April and I helped by making it more compact. We can strap it to our belts. Each device has DNA tracking so that we can follow the progress of the turtle wearing it."

"Very good." Leo03 smiled at the two excitable Donatello's. "You are making real progress here."

"Leatherhead and I have found Home World's location. It wasn't easy, but we found it. We've been using the DNA from our counterparts to catalogue dimensions." Don03 explained to his brother. "We also know exactly where the Prime's are being held hostage. It's just a case of sending a team in to get them out."

"I've been putting together a database and creating software to relate information from the trackers to a digital map that we can co-ordinate from here." Don07 smiled brightly. "I've never done anything like this before, but it is really awesome."

"Well done, guys." Leo03 smiled proudly. "You are all doing so well."

"How's it going with the sparring?" Don03 asked. "Working as one yet?"

"It's taking a while. There are a few ... issues." Leo03 grimaced. "The square Leo wants to watch something on TV called Space Heroes. Apparently the show airs at six pm. I keep trying to tell him there is no such show here, but he seems ... uhm ... he can't believe it. He says it's what inspired him to want to become a leader."

"Ah, yes. Space Heroes." Don12 came forward. "It might be under a different name here."

"From what I've heard, it sounds a lot like Star Trek." Leo03 shrugged. "Anyway, we are working on a few issues. There are too many leaders, and no-one wants to give up the position without a fight or debate."

"The end of the universe, and all you guys care about is who get's to be the leader?" Don07 smirked. "How old are you?"

"We're working it out." Leo03 defended. "I think eldest Leo should be leader. It makes sense. He's been around longer than the rest of us. The square Leo doesn't like that idea though. He wants the position."

"What about the little one?" Don03 asked curiously. "What does he make of all this?"

"Little Leo is convinced he can lead us all to victory. Master Splinter and Casey are trying to get through to them right now. I think the oldest Leo is best for the job, even if I have to give up the role and stand down." Leo03 sighed. "It isn't easy. We're all used to being in command. Giving away our leadership is weird. We've all earned the place, we all deserve it."

"Maybe I can talk to our Leonardo?" Don87 chimed in. "He's not unreasonable. He will allow someone else to lead if he feels they can do a better job."

"Same with ours." Don12 agreed. "He probably just feels threatened. I can talk to him. He'll see sense."

Leo03 nodded. "That would be great. We really need to get on. We've done several kata themed exercises, but we have to move on to the harder stuff. Teamwork is paramount. We need to learn how to work together with, uhm, ourselves. I think the Raph's are getting on better than we are."

"How do you mean?" Don07 asked curiously. "Why are the Raph's getting on better?"

"I think they've just bonded really quickly. They all have issues. They all like to kick ass. They seem to be getting the knack of working together and taking us down. In fact, I think they're enjoying it. Working together to take down us Leo's. I think it’s giving them some sort of happy." Leo03 laughed. "I thought, out of all of us, the Raph's would be the ones to bond least. Instead, they are forming their own team, and seem to be wiping the floor with the rest of us."

Don03 laughed aloud. "I wish we had seen that! You Leo's are never going to live it down. Raph taking you down in sparring."

"They have an uncanny ability to watch each other's backs." Leo03 mused. "They seem to be in the main fight, but watching each other too. I've never seen anything like it. Four Raph's are like watching a Terminator in action."

"Got hold of Mikey yet?" Don03 asked. "It's been a while."

"No, he's not answering his Shell Cell." Leo03 shrugged. "I'm sure he'll bring the other Mikey's back when he's ready."

"There's something else on your mind. What's wrong?" Don03 watched his brother carefully. "Tell us."

"It's the little Raph. He keeps staring at the wall and throwing smart remarks at nothing. It's getting ... a little weird."

"Really? Send him in. I'll get to the bottom of it." Don03 rubbed his hands gleefully. "We Don's need something else to work on. We're finding all this a little too easy."

"Sure. Will do. Oh, and Don?" Leo03 patted his brother’s shoulder. "Well done. All of you. You're amazing."

April blushed deeply. Leatherhead grinned. Leo03 walked off and Don03 smiled happily.

A moment later, Raph87 skipped into the laboratory and took a seat. "You wanted to see me?"

"Erm, yeah. We need a chat." Don03 took a chair and sat opposite the small turtle. "Our Leo is getting a little worried about you."

"Why?" Raph87 seemed puzzled. "We're all working together so well. I don't think you need to worry about us Raphael's."

"He said you keep talking to the wall. What's with that?" Don03 gestured for Don87 to join them. "Do you do that a lot?"

"I'm not talking to nothing." Raph87 said defensively. "I'm talking to them."

"Who are they?" Don87 asked curiously. "Are you seeing someone we can't see?"

Raph87 shrugged. "It's like a box with faces staring at me. It just hovers nearby. I can see the expressions on their faces. They are really digging what we do."

Don87 rubbed his head. "A box with people inside? You see this often?"

"Well, it depends. Most of the time, the box is right there - some kid's face staring at me. The people change all the time. It's as if I'm getting some sort of signal. I like talking to them. They always laugh at my jokes." Raph87 was wringing his hands with a worried expression. "I know I shouldn't see them. I feel like I'm tuned in to something I shouldn't be. Weird, huh?"

"That does seem a little strange." Don03 mulled this new information over. "Are they a threat? Do they distract you much?"

"Not at all." Raph87 grinned widely. "I kinda like having them there. It’s reassuring. As if we're not alone."

"Can you see them right now?" Don07 asked quietly. "Exactly where are they?"

Raph87 pointed to a wall and the Don's all turned and looked at the empty spot. "Hovering right over there." He waved affectionately. "They are waving back."

Don87 walked up to the location his brother pointed to and withdrew a small device from his belt. He fiddled with it for a brief moment, and then aimed it at the wall. A large whine suddenly erupted from the device. "This is interesting, Raphael. There really is something there. Something we can't see but you can. This hovering box you mentioned has the same signal as Home World."

"Interesting." Leatherhead rubbed his scaly chin, deep in thought.

"What does all this mean?" Raph87 asked. He seemed relieved that he wasn't insane. "I'm not seeing things?"

"Not at all, Raphael. They are very real." Don87 explained. "There is something happening here. We are all linked to this Home World in a big way."

Don03 nodded. "It's true. Home World has a lot of influence over our worlds. More than what we originally believed. This goes way beyond a doodled placemat. There is a lot more at work here."

Raph87 sighed. "So I can continue wisecracking and laughing with them? They have never hurt me."

Don03 shrugged. "Sure. I'll explain to everyone what is happening. At least you're not crazy."

Raph87 jumped to his feet happily. "Cool, I'll get back to training then."

As the little guy jumped off, the Donatello's turned to face each other worriedly. Don03 turned to Leatherhead. "We need to start preparing for the worst situation. If Home World is as important as we think ... we need to be ready when the time comes to save that world."

Leatherhead nodded. "Yes, as soon as the Raphael's and Leonardo's are ready, we will execute a plan of action. This is much more serious than we once believed."

Don03 felt tension and fear building. What exactly was Home World? Why was it so important? Why could the little Raph see it? More importantly, would they be able to stop the villains behind all of this?

Only time would tell.

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