Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Thirteen...


Location: Homeworld

DonPrime watched Pete being carried off and wondered whether to intervene there and then. He could easily take out the great hulking monster that had darted the man, but he feared there were more adversaries lurking nearby.

As if on cue, a metal cyborg shifted into view. "I hate to say it, but that was a good job, Hun. First time for everything, eh?"

DonPrime narrowed his eyes. Two to one odds. Not bad, and the turtle had dealt with much worse before.

However, too much was at stake with this mission. He needed to understand the forces that had aligned to destroy them all. He had a fair idea who these minions were reporting to, but that didn't explain the way they could move between dimension and time as if going through a front door.

More was behind this. DonPrime's instincts and training told him to wait, watch and prepare. They weren't hurting Laird, just moving him to another location.

DonPrime looked down at his own device, strapped neatly to his belt. If it hadn't been for the odd woman, he would have been captured along with his brothers. She had given him a way out. An exit strategy.

Moments before they were attacked, the Turtles had been doing their nightly patrol. Nothing had seemed amiss, so the brothers got into a game of Ninja Hide and Seek. It was sloppy of them, but also gave them a break from warring against The Foot.

They needed the play. A moment to forget that they were different. A moment to lighten up and have fun. A moment that DonPrime now regretted.

The Turtles had been overwhelmed by Foot, appearing from every direction and from every shadow. It was too much for the four brothers - there were too many assailants. DonPrime had barely time to react before he was unceremoniously dumped off the edge of the building.

Being a ninja saved DonPrime's life. He used the Tekken from his belt to slow his descent and grabbed the fire escape. His arm hurt from the force of jarring as he stopped suddenly, but apart from that, he was fine. He was about to rejoin his brothers when it happened.

She had appeared in a blaze of light before DonPrime. Her eyes had been full of tears and she was shaking violently. She had introduced herself, gave him the device, instructed him with a brief but concise explanation and then disappeared. She had told him the end of the multiverse was nigh, and it was up to DonPrime to get everyone together, ready for the big fight.

It was too late to save his brothers. They were already in the grip of something ... unspeakable.

Still alive.

For now.

He had jumped back up and seen his brothers captured by some truly evil being he had never seen before. The villains referred to this demon as Sh’Okanabo - and it was obvious from his appearance that he was from another dimension.

The odd woman, though. She troubled him greatly. What was her name again? Renet? DonPrime continued to observe the two bumbling villains with distaste.

He was desperate to get to his brothers. He knew they would be tortured, maybe even mutilated. Renet had been very specific when she advised against a rescue attempt. All she had said was "Leave it to the Raph's."

Now here he was, flitting between dimensions and time, giving out messages like he were the Ninja Turtle Harbinger of Doom.

That was his role, after all. Renet had ordered him to stay out of the fighting. That was his part in all this. He was the lookout, the spy. He had missed Kev's abduction by a few minutes, but this time, he was going to follow the villains wherever they went. Silent. Like a shadow. Keep an eye on Pete and ensure he wasn't harmed.

If he played his part right, then the villains would lead him to Kevin. Once he had the location of the two men, he would send yet another message to Dimension Third Earth. To the group of Mikey's who would be attempting to rescue the Creators of Them All.

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