Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Ten...



Location : Dimension 'Home World'

Kev had spent the night watching some really bad TV. His head was spinning with ideas as he sat and began to draw. It was an idea to make his friend laugh, nothing more. A turtle, wearing a mask, with a pair of nunchaku. Laughing, Kev imagined his friend's face when he saw this design. They'd both be in stitches.

"A Martial Arts Turtle." Kev smirked. "Bet nothing like this has ever been done before."

Outside his apartment, the villain shrouded in darkness listened carefully to the man just inside. He waited until Kev had gone to bed and then made his move. He opened the window and climbed inside the room. Levelling the dart gun at Kev's slumbering form, the villain fired a single shot.

No-one saw anything unusual. His neighbours were unaware of what had taken place.

Kev was in his apartment one moment and had disappeared the next. Nothing else had been moved or taken.

Except for one very important drawing, everything else was exactly as Kev had left it.

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