Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Nine...

A Moment of Kindess

Raph03 had been sparring with Raph07 for the better part of an hour when he turned and saw Raph87 swinging uncomfortably from the beam. Raph12 had sat down and was watching the sparring curiously.

"Ya gonna let that little guy down?" Raph03 asked, watching Raph12 intently. "How long ya gonna let him swing like that?"

"As long as I want. I'm not letting him down yet. This is too much fun." Raph12 chuckled.

"Oh, yeah?" Raph07 raised an eye ridge. "Let him down. Right now."

"And what? Ya gonna try taking me down too?" Raph12 got to his feet in an instant. "Ya could try. Probably won't be able to take me."

Raph07 smiled at Raph03. They nodded in silent understanding.

Suddenly, Raph03 barrelled into Raph12.

Taking them both down, Raph03 distracted Raph12 long enough for Raph07 to cut down the little guy.

Raph87 was pleased to be back on solid ground. "Thanks, bro. I was feeling a little sick. Being upside down all that time can't be good for your health."

"You're right. Raph?" Raph07 turned to his adversary-turned-battle-partner.

Raph03 grinned slyly. "On it."

It happened so quickly, Raph12 didn't see it coming. One moment he was preparing to strike at the annoying version of himself, the next, his leg was caught in rope and he was being hoisted up. Swinging with his arms crossed in defiance, Raph12 scoffed at the other versions of himself.

"Oh come on. Think I don't carry a blade?" Raph12 lifted a small dagger from his belt and cut through the rope, a dangerous smile on his face. "Gotta do better than that."

As the Leonardo's filed into the room, the Raphael's stared at their respective brothers.

Master Splinter entered the dojo and sat on a mat, closing his eyes in introspection and meditation. Casey sat beside him, still blown away by the amount of ninja turtles in the lair.

"What's up, guys?" Raph03 asked, locating his own Leo immediately and walking to his side. "Anything wrong?"

"The end of turtle life as we know it. Again." Leo03 shrugged. "Pretty much the same as last week."

"I'll get hold of Mikey." Raph03 grabbed his Shell Cell and made the call. "He's not answering. It's going through to voicemail."

"You have T-Phone's?" Leo12 asked excitedly. "We do too."

"We call them Shell Cell's." Leo03 explained patiently.

"We call ours Turtle Com's!" Leo87 grinned.

"We don't have any." Leo07 raised an eye ridge. "We've never needed them."

"You don't have Shell Cells?" Raph03 chuckled to himself. "You have no means of communication when you are separated? Wow, how'd you guys make Master."

Leo07 grinned confidently as Raph07 chuckled to himself. "Why use electronics when you can use the astral plane?"

"Show off's." Raph03 grumbled, sitting himself down on a mat and crossing his legs. "So, Mikey aint answering his Shell Cell. What do we do, oh Fearless One."

Leo03 caught the expression from Leo07, a slight smile curving on the older turtles beak. Inwardly he groaned at Raph03's choice of words. "I guess we just train together until they return. If we need them before then, we'll go out and look for them."

"Then let's get warmed up." Leo07 gestured for everyone to follow his example and start stretching. "We have a lot of training to do."

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