Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Eight...

The Note

Leo03 was standing at the wall, his right hand reaching for a dagger embedded in the wall. Casey Jones stood beside him, his eyes wide and looking at the swirling mass in disbelief. The vortex had returned with full ferocity, and then disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

"That it?" Leo12 shrugged, looking over at the dagger. "Is there a note with that?"

Leo03 pulled the knife from the wall and unravelled a small piece of paper. "Yes, there's a note."

"Well?" Splinter raised a furry eyebrow. "What does it say?"

The Donatello's remained in a single line, watching the events unfold before them.

"Its from Turtle Prime. From their Donatello." Leo03 frowned. "How'd he do that?"

"What's it say?" Don03 moved forward. "Read it out loud."

Leo03 cleared his throat and began to read the contents of the letter.

'Brothers in Arms, we have a situation. By now, you should have had back-up arriving from other dimensions. I cannot go into more details at the moment. Things are not looking good. My brothers have been captured and are being held hostage. It transpires that our dimension is not the beginning, as we once believed. Turtle Prime is not the home world.'

Don03 and Don87 gasped in unison.

"What does this mean, Don?" Leo03 asked his brother.

"That realm had a direct effect on our own dimension. We saw everything erased as the Prime turtles were being hurt. If this is true, then there is another realm with influence on our home dimensions. Something beside Turtle Prime." Don03 turned to Don87. "What other dimension could there be?"

"Home World. The dimension that Turtle Prime sprung from." Don87 appeared thoughtful. "It could be anywhere. Something significant happened in that world to influence our own development."

"So, an enemy is trying to destroy that world too?" Leo87 asked, trying to get his head around the idea of another Prime Universe.

"Not necessarily." Don87 replied. "It could be something very small. Someone could have doodled a ninja turtle on a placemat. That could have started the whole thing. Us. Into being. Into becoming."

"That's ludicrous. A placemat? In another world? Becoming the catalyst for all these worlds to form?" Don07 shook his head. "I can't see something so small and insignificant becoming specific dimensions. There must be a lot more to this."

Don03 had sat at the kitchen table. He was brooding deeply. "Remember that time April had a neighbour called Kirby? The one who lived in the basement?"

Leo03 nodded. "The guy you had an adventure with in that alternate world."

Don03 smiled sadly. "The same guy, yes. He doodled monsters on paper. They all came to life in his alternate world. There is a lot of unexplained power running throughout all dimensions. Something like that is not only possible, but probable. Kirby demonstrated the power of creating actual life through art."

"Guys, we have a major problem." Leo03 mused, his eyes dark and pensive. "Whoever has kidnapped the turtles from Prime have discovered this Home World. If they learn of its location before we do, they could destroy us all."

"It might not even be that hard." Don12 piped up. "If it's something small that started us all, they would just need to ensure that it never happened at all. Get to the right time and place, and we're erased for good. A doodle could easily be destroyed. It could be burned up with a match. There would be no trace of us. We would never exist."

"Except the poor guy that doodled a ninja turtle in the first place." Leo07 was standing by the doorframe of the laboratory. "I dread to think what our enemies would do to him."

"My sons. The path here is clear." Splinter stood up and addressed his sons. "We must find this world before our enemies do. Prime Donatello has sent us your dimensional brothers for a purpose. It is clear we are all to work together. We will free the Prime turtles and defeat whichever enemy threatens Home World."

"When we find Home World, we will need some way to cloak it from our enemies in the future." Don87 mused. "Make it invisible, somehow. It's a pivotal part of our existence."

"Then, let's get started." Leo03 folded the note carefully and tucked the paper into his belt. "Donatello's, work with April and Leatherhead. You guys work on the science behind all this. Find out how to track Home World, and get a location on where the Prime turtles are being held. We'll send a team to get them out."

Don03 nodded and ushered his team away into the laboratory.

"We also need to know which villain is behind this." Leo03 mused. "It would be easier to take him out now than follow him to Home World."

Don03 nodded. "We're on it."

"Everyone else, dojo. Now. We have to learn to work as one." Leo07 moved toward the dojo swiftly. "We haven't got much time."

"Are you going to get that?" Mike12 asked, whizzing past Mike03 on his skateboard with a beaming grin.

Mike03 looked at the shell cell beeping on his belt and shrugged. "Soon. Not right now. We need to take Tall Mikey down first."

Mike12 laughed and picked up the pace.

Mike07 had disappeared with a chuckle up ahead. His laugh echoed through the sewer tunnels.

Mike87 stopped and wiped his sweaty brow. "We're never gonna catch him. The dudes, like, mega fast."

"Last Mike to the end is a rotten egg." Mike07's voice drifted back to the lagging turtles.

Groaning, Mike87 followed the others. "Guess I know who's going to be the rotten egg."

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