Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Six...

Donatello's Dramatic Dilemma

"So, does she know how you feel?" Don03 asked politely. He was a little thrown by the admission by Don12, but he had recovered quickly.

"Yeah, I guess. I've made it pretty obvious." Don12 blushed a little, his eyes widening with his confession. "I don't know how she feels about me, though."

"Maybe you should ask her outright." Don07 chipped in. "At least you'd know either way."

"I don't think I could cope with a rejection." Don12 said honestly. "That's why I haven't told her properly."

"Our Leonardo had an infatuation with a ninja warrioress." Don87 chipped in. "It didn't go well. Things don't usually work out for us in the, ah, romance department."

"It wasn't Karai, was it?" Don12 asked with a raised eye ridge. "Our Leo is, like, sooo into her."

"Karai?" Don03 asked, confused. "Your Leo is in love with Karai? That's not good, Don. She's the Shredder's daughter. She'll end up stabbing him, like she did with ours."

"We've tried to talk to him about it, but he's got a torch for her." Don12 explained. "He'll find out the hard way, I'm afraid. Was it Karai that didn't work out for Leo in your world?" He turned to Don87, curious.

"Her name was Lotus. She was a powerful fighter. Leonardo had the hots for her." Don87 explained.

"Must be their version of Karai." Don03 nodded over to Don12. "Although our Leo wasn't really into Karai like that. He saw her as a challenge, a kind of sister. He tried to help her."

"You guys have much more interesting lives than we do." Don07 admitted. "We don't really have much going on in the, ah, romance area. We fight monsters and save the world. That's about it."

"There's more to life than monsters." Don12 mused softly. "The right girl can make anything seem possible."

"Okay, guys. Let's get back on track. What are we going to do about getting everyone home." Don03 leaned backwards and shouted over to his friend. "Leatherhead? What you got?"

Leatherhead took a place in the circle of brainiacs and started to discuss his recent findings. "I've calculated the origin from each turtle that has ... come to our dimension. It should be relatively simple to send everyone home."

"We can go home right now?" Don12's eyes shone as he remembered his April was waiting for him. "Cool. It was great meeting you all, but we must get going. There is usually some threat that we have to face going on back home."

"It's true." Don87 added. "April needs our help. She always does. We need to get back as soon as possible."

"Well, let's get working then." Leatherhead rose to his feet and walked over to a table. He settled down and the others became companionable shadows around him, each specialising in a different area of research. Almost as if every Donatello brain had become one, they worked in unison. Each knowing exactly how to work with the other versions of himself. It was a majestic dance through the world of science - and each Donatello revelled finally being understood.

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