Turtles Forever... A Trilogy

Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Two...

Similarities and Differences

To Avoid Confusion :

Ninja Turtles are referred to with their origin year after their names.

The 2007 CG movie is regarded as the fourth ninja turtle movie.

"Hey guys!" Leo87 fought his way courageously from the pile of mutant turtles and stood up in an instant. The little guy had even drawn a katana bravely, and now he moved towards Leo03 with a smile on his face. "We only just said goodbye! What's happening?"

Leo03 looked at his smaller counterpart with a frown on his face. Grabbing the smaller turtle's shell, Leo03 pulled the little guy behind him and stooped to eye-level before the excitable version of himself. "What are you doing back here? Is something wrong?"

"I think something went screwy with the transporter." Don87 pushed himself away from the pile and walked over to join his brother. "I think we have a ninja turtle overload here. At least four dimensions, if I'm right."

"Great!" Raph03 groaned.

"Help! I'm a turtle and I can't get up!" Raph03 watched as a Turtle was flailing around helplessly on its shell, unable to rise. "Can someone give me a hand?"

Groaning, Raph03 walked up to the flailing turtle, and pushed him heavily to one side. He knew instantly that this was a version of Donatello - the purple bandana and bo staff confirmed the identity. Pushing himself forcefully through the pile, Raph03 righted the floundering turtles one after another in disgust.

"Definitely not a ninja in this bunch." Raph03 confirmed as the turtles rose to their feet, confused and overwhelmed.

"Excuse me?" A lithe version of Leonardo rose to his feet, attaining more height than Raph03. He towered over Raph03 with a dangerous gleam in his eyes. "I am actually a Master. Who are you supposed to be? Some kind of sorry version of Raphael?"

Raph03 growled low in his throat. He might be smaller than this version of Leo, but he wasn't going to be insulted. "I am Raphael. I think you are the one who should be sorry. Master, eh? Master of getting stuck on yer shell, more like."

Leo07 watched the infuriating version of Raphael before him. He had thought his own version of Raphael was bad enough; now this impudent little creature was insulting him. Drawing his swords, Leo07 stepped back in a ready stance and awaited the other to attack. Raph03 tensed and drew his sai's, his hands wrapping around the hilts of his own weapons as he saw Leo07's grip tighten on the katana. Without another word, Raph03 spun into a frenzied attack, lashing out viciously at the taller turtle before him. Leo07 blocked his attack with little effort and a dangerous smile curved into his beak. "That all you got, tough guy?"

"You aint seen nothing yet." Raph03's eyes narrowed as he leapt forward, pinning Leo07's swords in his own weapons and tugging them forcefully. However, his strategy for disarming Leo07 failed when the older turtle forced the sai from his hands with a sharp pull. A muscled and toned leg swept Raph03 to the ground and Leo07 stood above him, sword pointed at the smaller turtles plastron. The blade was hovering just above where his heart was beating furiously.

"Enough!" A wise and steady voice shouted, silencing the room in a moment. The vortex had now closed, and the Turtles were forming small groups - finding their own dimensional brothers among the chaos of the main group. "All are welcome here. You are brothers, irrespective of which dimension you originate. You will behave yourselves in our home!"

Leo07 sheathed his swords instantly. He looked over to Splinter with wide-eyes and smiled as he recognised the familiar, but somehow different, version of his sensei.

"We need to work out who is from where, and get them back to their home dimensions." Don03 mused quietly as he moved around the new arrivals. "And fast. What happens if others show up?"

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