Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Seven...

Mike87 vs Mike12

Round 1. Battle 4.

The roar of the crowd was deafening as Mike12 shakily made his way into the arena. Mike87 was having the time of his life, waving to the eager spectators and swinging his nunchuks in a rapid display of martial elegance. The crowd became louder, making the younger turtle tremble more violently.

"Dude, this is wild!" Mike87 exclaimed, finally noticing his shaky doppelganger.

"This is really scary, man." Mike12 hid his head in the nook of his forearm. He peered at the other version of himself with fearful wide eyes.

"Hey lil guy. Don't be scared. We'll be fine." Mike87 promised. He deftly executed another whirl of martial elegance.

"My nunchuks don't have a kusari-gama chain!" Mike12 howled in despair. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Hey, dude. Chill." Mike87 waved at the appreciative audience as another swell of applause began. "This is a Friendly. Don't worry about it."

"Can I back out?" Mike12 asked seriously. "Is it too late to say I quit?"

Mike87 grinned at his younger counterpart and jumped forward with his nunchuks swinging. Mike12 leapt backwards, falling onto his butt and looking at the other version of himself with hurt eyes.

"No fair. I wasn't ready for that." Mike12 rubbed his aching backside and got to his feet. In the adrenaline pumped moment of the initial attack, Mike12 had momentarily forgotten the cheering crowd.

Mike87 laughed outright and launched another attack. This time, the nunchuks swirled in a furious arc, narrowly missing the younger turtle's head.

"Ah!" Mike12 ran to the far end of the arena, looking back at Mike87 who was pursuing him. "No fair! Even the good guys chase me!"

"Quit running, dude. I ain't gonna hurt you." Mike87 stopped running after his doppelganger and watched as the younger version of himself stopped at the far end of the arena.

"Hey! Runnin' is what I do best." Mike12 winked at Mike87 and swung his nunchuk's rapidly. "We really gonna do this?"

"Take a swing and we'll go from there." Mike87 gestured for Mike12 to come closer. "Just swing them at me!"

Mike12 drew closer, inching over to the older turtle. He swung the nunchuks fearfully and watched with dismay as Mike87 easily swatted them away with his own weapons. "Whoah! It's like fighting myself!"

Across the arena by the entrance to the holding area, all three of Mike12's dimensional brothers slapped their faces into their hands in disbelief.

"That's what you're doing, Mikey!" Don12 yelled. "Focus on the fight!"

Mike12 hit out with his nunchuks once again, marvelling at the speed in which his opponent countered. They may have been small and tubby, but these '87 turtles could hold their own in a battle. A million thoughts crossed the younger turtles mind, detracting his focus from the fight. Among the thoughts were a sudden remembrance of a pizza slice he had found under the sofa three days ago. It had gone slightly green from a week under the cushion, but it still tasted yummy.

Mike87 batted Mike12 on the forehead and the younger turtle's attention returned to the fight at hand.

"Hey, man. Quit it." Mike12 complained.

"What you thinking about? A week old pizza crust?" Mike87 grumbled and Mike12's eyes widened in surprise. His counterpart was scarily accurate.

"Then let's get it on!" Mike12 cried and valiantly swung his nunchuks in a show of martial dexterity. "Boyakasha!"

Mike87 retaliated with a fast and furious figure eight manoeuvre which dazzled his younger opponent and left him unprepared for the strike that followed. Mike12 reeled, seeing stars, as his adversary swept up his leg in the chain and he fell back onto his shell heavily.

"Urgh!" Mike12 scrambled to his feet and deflected another quick move clumsily. He struggled to contain his dizziness and leapt back for some vital seconds of rest.

"Boyakasha, huh? Dude, what happened to cowabunga?" Mike87 allowed his younger counterpart a few moments to breathe.

"We never use that word. It's dated." Mike12 crowed, his sense of balance regained. "We all sat down on Donny's computer and worked out a battle cry. Besides, Leo wanted to use Cowabunga. Leo ain't got the cool when it comes to a battle cry ... Cowabunga is so last season."

"Like, boyakasha isn't? Wasn't it used by Ali G?" Mike87 grinned.

"Ali G? No way!" Mike12 lowered his nunchuks. "You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. I think he made a music video." Mike87 snickered. "Cowabunga is turtle-patented. Most of the universes use it, bro."

"It sounds strange. I don't like it." Mike12 defiantly stated. "I think the bad guys would laugh at us if we used that."

"You'll learn to love it. Give it time." Mike87 leaped forward, performing a hand roll technique at rapid speed and the nunchuk was in his other hand before Mike12 knew what was happening.

"Whoah! Easy bro!" Mike12 shot backwards, his eyes skimming the arena. "I'll start running again!"

"Okay, Okay. Dude, you are so jumpy." Mike87 lowered his nunchuks and grinned at the younger version of himself. "You need to take a chill pill before you explode."

"Have you got one of those?" Mike12 asked hopefully.

"No, bro. Drugs are strictly a no-no at the Battle Nexus. In fact, you shouldn't ever take drugs at all. Ever." Mike87 chided, baiting his doppelganger.

"Dude, I know. We were all freaked out by mutant mushrooms once. I'd never go there again." Mike12 whipped the nunchuks around his body, gaining confidence. He looked at the other version of himself and momentarily distracted, knocked himself over the head with the wooden handle. "I hate these nunchuks! I want my kusari-gama chain!"

"We'd better get this on, dude. You attack." Mike87 patiently instructed.

"Why me? Why do I attack you?" Mike12's eyes were wide open with disbelief.

"Cause I don't want you to run again, bro. If you come at me, we can get this fight on." Mike87 leant back and prepared himself for the oncoming assault.

Sensing he was out-matched, Mike12 decided to launch an offensive strike at his opponent whilst he seemed distracted. Mike87 was fast and skilled, but he was also prone to flights of fantasy. Mike12 hoped to get the upper hand by suddenly startling his opponent with a show of advanced arm switching that would make lesser opponents tremble.

Mike87 didn't seem bothered as the youngster charged towards him, nunchuks whirling a develish storm around his ganglier body. At the last moment, the older turtle captured the youngster's chains within his own weapons and yanked both nunchuks from his opponent's hand.

"Not again!" Mike12 was instantly transported back in his memories to his first fight with The Kraang. The surprising ease in which the robotic monster had grabbed his nunchuk out of his hand, leaving him startled and feeling completely outmatched. His first instinct was to flee, but Mike87 was prepared for that.

He looked up in amazement and shock to find Mike87's Jukon-bu whipping into his face at rapid force. Knocked back by the immense force of the final move, the younger turtle sailed through the air towards the back wall of the arena. Everything went into slow motion as the turtle flew through the air, wailing loudly.

At the last moment, before the youngster's head hit the wall in a killing blow, he was transported out of the arena and back into the holding room.

Materialising on the sofa, Mike12 yelped in disbelief and held up his hands to shield his face.

"Mikey, it's okay." Leo12 ran to his sibling and sat beside him on the couch. "You did great. Well done!"

"My son. You displayed wonderful technique. I am so proud." Splinter12 stood with his hands folded at his core, face beaming with pride.

"But ... but ... I lost." Mike12's eyes quivered in emotion. "I lost ... I'm out of the competition."

"He was more skilled than you, Mikey. You held your own in there. I'm proud, bro." Raph12 winked at his upset younger brother. "You did awesomely well."

"Really?" Mike12 sniffed. "I wanted Doctor Prankenstein to go all the way through to the finals."

"Hey, come on! Win or lose, it doesn't matter. You fought honourably." Leo12 patted his brother on the arm.

Mike12 rolled his eyes. Not another honour lecture from Leo12. Losing was bad enough without a speech from his eldest brother.

Mike87 watched the youngster dematerialise and the crowd cheered as he sheathed his nunchuks.

Gyoji appeared beside the excitable turtle and exclaimed to the audience. "Winner. Mike87! Congratulations, warrior."

"Thanks, dude!" Mike87 winked at the floating warrior spirit and waved goodbye to the audience. Then he returned to the holding area where his brothers and sensei were waiting.

"You rocked out there!" Raph87 beamed.

"Is he okay?" Mike87 pushed past everyone and walked over to the sofa where Mike12 sat glumly. "You did great! You're an awesome fighter!"

"I wasn't very good." Mike12 sniffed, unhappily. "I tried my best, but I couldn't take you out."

"Hey, you did great micro-dude." Mike87 patted his doppelganger on the arm in support. "Don't worry about it."

"You disarmed me, dude. That was not cool." Mike12 sulked.

"What happens now?" Leo12 asked. "Why haven't the next fighters been called?"

"I believe there is going to be a break before the next combatants take to the main stage." Splinter12 explained. "It will give the spectators a chance to get some refreshments and talk about the first four bouts."

"Then, let's take a breather and get Mikey a reward for his honourable battle." Leo12 grinned widely at his youngest sibling, who was groaning at Leo12's choice of words. "Come on, little brother. They have pizza cooking, I can smell it from here."