Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Thirty...

Casualties and Consequences

Location : Dimension Third Earth

"They've won!" Don07 grinned broadly at his duplicates. "They're all heading back now."

"Are there any injuries?" Don03 asked immediately, his voice trembling a little.

"Just surface wounds. Scratches from ShredderPrime's armour and Savanti Romero's claws. They will be okay." Don07 said, patting Don03 on the arm.

They turned to their younger counterpart who was concentrating so much his tongue had slipped out to the side of his mouth.

"Blood flow has been re-established." Don12 said, heaving a sigh of relief. "Now for the tricky part."

"Reattaching muscles, tendons and nerves should be easier than you think. Just reset the suturing device and programme it with vocal instructions." Don03 advised.

"Will do." Don12 fiddled with the device, speaking clearly as he reset the function. As Don12 set to work, the room fell into an uneasy silence. A purple beam enveloped the wounded turtles arm and the nanobots got to work.

Raph87 woke sharply, his head throbbing in pain. He looked up into the eyes of Don03.

"How many fingers am I holding up." Don03 asked gently.

"Two!" Raph87 rolled his eyes. "I'm okay! I just need to sleep."

"Okay, then." Don03 smiled at the little guy. "Go for it."

Raph07 opened his eyes and snuck a glance at the small turtle. "You know they have to check you every half hour, little guy."

"I know. Doesn't mean I want to keep being woken up." Raph87 complained, snuggling under the blanket more.

Raph07 closed his eyes again and relished the warmth of being cuddled up to Raph87 under the blanket.

Don03 walked back into the laboratory and traded a glance at Don07.

"Did you tell little Raph about his brother being injured?" Don07 asked.

"I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not yet." Don03 sighed. "He looks so contented sleeping on that couch. I'd hate myself for making him worry."

"Don't you think he needs to know his brother might not make it?" Don07 asked timidly. "He should know the score."

"We'll save little Leo." Don12 interrupted, his voice hardened as he concentrated on the surgery. "He's not going to die on me. I won't let him."

Leo07 and Leo03 arrived back to a seemingly empty room.

"This isn't good. Where is everyone?" Leo03 asked, scanning the room. He saw two sleeping faces barely visible from under a blanket. "Is that your Raph sleeping on the couch?"

"Yes, it is." Leo07's face crumpled in concern as he walked over to the unconscious Raphael's. "He has the little Raph with him. The little guy has a nasty bump on his head."

Leo03 dropped to his knees before the sleeping pair and gently shook Raph07's shoulder. "Raphael? Are you both all right?"

Raph07 swatted the intruding hand away and opened his eyes. "We're okay. How did it go?"

"We won." Leo07 smiled broadly.

"Really?" Raph07 sat up, gently extricating himself from the little version of himself. "You guys look like one big bloody bruise."

"We're doing better than little Leo." Leo03 remarked darkly. "Any news?"

Raph07 looked confused. "What? What happened to little Leo?" He cast a concerned glance over at his smaller counterpart.

"His arm was chopped off by his own sword." Leo03 grimaced. The words seemed wrong, dirty. Maimed by your own weapon. Leo03 couldn't think of anything worse than that.

Raph07 looked horrified. "Is he still alive?"

"We're just going to the lab to check on him." Leo07 nodded toward the operating room.

"We need to tell the little guy." Raph07 gently shook the smaller turtle awake. "Wake up, lil guy. It's important."

Raph87 groaned and opened his eyes. "Half an hour's gone already?"

"Your brother was hurt in combat." Raph07 said gently.

"Which one?" Raph87 was suddenly sitting bolt upright. His eyes were wide and he looked in disbelief at the turtles in front of him.

"Your Leonardo." Leo07 explained softly. "He lost an arm."

Raph87 was stunned into silence momentarily. Then, he bolted over to the lab, flinging open the door and running into the room liked a turtle possessed. "Leonardo? Leonardo? I'm here."

Don87 grabbed hold of his panicked brother and led him away from the gurney gently. "We have to concentrate, Raphael. Leonardo is in a bad way."

"Why did no-one tell me?" Raph87 was strung out, exhausted. Tears glistened in his eyes. "We can't lose Leonardo!"

"We won't!" Don12 promised. Sweat was beading on his forehead as he worked relentlessly. "He is going to live!"

Renet opened the doorway to the Time Fortress.

DonPrime stepped through and scouted the place for any stray FootPrime or traps. "This place is empty, Renet. No one is here. I have to get back to my brothers."

Renet nodded. "Thank you, Donatello. Thank you all."

"What will you do now?" DonPrime asked, setting his portal device for Dimension Third Earth. "It seems a very lonely fortress."

"I dunno." Renet shrugged. "I think I might get an apprentice of my own. Someone to mentor."

DonPrime smiled. "I think that is a great idea, Renet. Choose your protégé wisely."

"I will." Renet hugged the monochrome turtle affectionately. "You be careful. Take care of the others and let me know how that little version of Leo is doing. Drop by anytime."

DonPrime winked at Lady Simultaneous. A cheeky, almost flirtatious wink. "I might just do that. Goodbye for now, Renet."

"Goodbye Donatello. Good luck." Renet sighed as DonPrime transported himself to Third Earth.

The turtle was right.

It was an awfully lonely fortress.


The Lair in Turtles Forever was destroyed by The Foot.

The sequel takes place in a sub basement circular structure that was originally going to be the foundations of a mall. Work was abandoned when the cash dried up, and the sub basement remained an unfinished mess until the Turtles made it their home. This Lair was originally a back-up plan in case they lost their current home - something which happens only too frequently. They found the mall sub basement a wreck, like this : underground river in Manhattan. Don03 worked on creating a home for them over the years in case they needed Plan B. It is relatively basic - with the main circular structure divided into three main areas and a series of smaller chambers for bedrooms. Splinter has his own en suite, being the oldest and furthest removed from the main restroom. The biggest room is the lounge area, which is open-plan and consists of a home entertainment area and a kitchen on the other side. The lounge leads directly to the bedrooms, restroom and dojo. Don03's lab is accessible through his own bedroom and from the dojo.

It has only been a week since the previous Lair was trashed by The Foot, so the facilities are simple and it has yet to be fashioned into a home. They have their basic needs met, and the place is big enough to house a multitude of turtles - which is a lucky thing since so many have turned up.

This diagram shows everyone's location two hours after Leo80's operation. As there are so many characters to accommodate, I needed to know exactly where everyone was. Other characters may be making an appearance shortly - including April and Splinter from the 2012 series.