Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twenty-Nine...

The Final Fight

Savanti Romero watched with narrowed eyes as the three Leonardo's closed in on him, each displaying a frightening level of skill with their twin swords. Surrounding the rogue Time Lord, they waited patiently for the right moment to attack.

Romero engaged first. The monster darted forward, fists flying, trying to connect with his adversaries. He hoped his surprise tactic would throw the Leo's off balance. However, the turtles were well trained in dealing with unexpected situations and calmly fielded the demon's first attack. Romero slashed out at the most vulnerable looking Leonardo - Leo12 - who proved his worth immediately by deflecting the assault. The monster went flying into the wall and his body crumpled to the ground. Staggering to his feet, Romero lunged at Leo03, claws sharp and glinting in the dim light of the inner room. Leo07 intervened, the battle-hardened turtle swiping at Romero's head in a deadly manoeuvre. The rogue Time Lord pulled back, slipping out of range of the deadly katana’s.

Leo03 made a move to follow Leo07's attack. He swung both of his swords in a wide arc, aiming for the monster's torso. His strike hit the target and a gush of blood spurted from Romero as he screamed in pain. The original Ninja Turtle drawing flew from the injured demon's grasp and Leo12 jumped into the air, agilely catching the paper and drawing back from the main fight immediately.

"Get that drawing out of here!" Leo07 ordered, placing himself between Leo12 and their foe. He raised his swords in a threatening manner and Romero drew back, his eyes wide as he watched the youthful leader retreat. Leo12 darted away, racing into the warehouse and up the stairs with the drawing held carefully in both hands. As he reached the rooftop he finally allowed himself a moment to breathe, and examined the drawing he had protected.

It was a crude sketch of a turtle with nunchuk’s attached to his arm. Leo12's eyes widened with shock.

"No way!" He exclaimed. "Mikey came first?!"

"Yes. Indeed. It was a shock for me too." DonPrime emerged with Renet following him closely.

"What do I need to do with this?" Leo12 asked, holding the paper out before him.

DonPrime passed him a small note. "Take it to this address and leave the drawing on the owner's desk. Hurry. You must come back immediately."

"I know the area well." Leo12 said gravely. "As long as this dimension mirror's our own, I won't have a problem."

"Get going. Stay in the shadows and don't be seen. By anyone." DonPrime advised as the younger turtle turned to climb down the fire escape. "Good luck, Leonardo." He added in a whisper as the turtle disappeared to carry out his task.

"The fight is brutal!" Renet sobbed, watching the Time Window from their safe vantage point. Leo07 and Leo03 had launched a fresh assault on Romero. "They are being slashed to ribbons by Romero's claws!"

"Easy, Renet." DonPrime soothed, giving the Time Lady a gentle hug. "They know what they are doing. You have to trust them."

Renet nodded, trying desperately to pull herself together.

All she could think of was that poor little turtle with his arm chopped off. She hoped he was being treated and his arm could be saved.

Leo07 started a combination of deadly moves with his katana’s. His main goal was to decapitate the demon, but the villain was holding his ground. His claws were as sharp as any katana, and both leaders were forced to stay on the defensive.

Leo03 swapped positions with the Master, slicing and jabbing with his blades. Both turtles were still waiting for an opening but Romero seemed to have no weakness. His claws slashed both leaders, drawing blood from ragged wounds when they connected. Leo07 and Leo03 defended well, but they could feel their energy depleting with each failed strike.

Needing to bring the battle to a close before they became too exhausted to fight any longer, Leo07 decided on a risky solution. He flipped backwards and threw his sword skilfully at Romero whilst the demon was distracted fighting Leo03. The sword impaled the demon in the chest, drawing a surprised yelp from the villain.

Savanti Romero froze as he felt the life drain out of him. The two Leo's stood before him, weapons raised. He swayed a little, his vision blurring. "I curse you all!"

Leo07 suddenly struck adeptly, his blade slicing off the malignant monster's head in a single strike. Romero fell with a heavy thud, his monstrous head rolling away from the twitching corpse.

Leo07 and Leo03 relaxed and lowered their swords. They looked at each other and then warily at the corpse.

"We'd better make sure this thing is dead." Leo03 said, prodding the headless body with the edge of his katana. "Mikey watches tons of horror films, and the bad guys always come back."

"I don't think he'll be coming back from this one." Leo07 smiled, kneeling before the corpse. "He's well and truly dead."

Leo03 turned to Leo07 and smiled brightly. "It's over, isn't it?"

"Yes." Leo07 smiled warmly at his counterpart. "We've won. Let's go home."

"It was an honour fighting beside you, skilled Master." Leo03 praised, his gesture submissive and respectful as he bowed towards the older version of himself.

"The honour is all mine." Leo07 smiled, bowing also.

The two warriors walked away from the corpse, and returned to Third Earth.

The battle was over.

The good guys had won.

Across the rooftops came three silent shadows carrying their two burdens carefully. They were agile and fast and moved quietly without drawing any attention to themselves. Mike12 led the way to the first apartment and landed on the rooftop with ease. "First apartment. Kev lives at number eight."

Dropping down the fire escape with Eastman in his arms, Mike03 grinned to his doppelgangers. He entered the apartment silently with Kevin in his arms. He lay the man gently on his bed and put his thumb up to signal success. His doppelgangers returned the gesture excitedly. "Sleep tight, dude. You're safe now." He disappeared stealthily, climbing out of the window without making a sound.

"Dude, you were like a jungle cat." Mike12 breathed in awe. "You were so quiet, even I forgot you were in there."

"That's why I'm the Battle Nexus Champion." Mike03 gloated, putting an affectionate arm around the younger turtle.

"The Battle Nexam Champion?" Mike12 asked with wide eyes. "What's that, when it's at home?"

"Let's just say I am the most skilled warrior in all multiverse." Mike12 winked. He turned to Mike07 and grinned at the older version of himself. "You're up, bud."

The Mikey's took Peter to his apartment next. He lived a few blocks over, and the Mikey's traversed rooftops until they reached their destination. Mike07 used the fire escape to clamber down into apartment thirty, leaving his duplicates waiting impatiently on the roof.

The window was open and Mike07 moved into the room stealthily. He glanced around the room, the living area, and spotted a nice comfortable couch. As Mike07 placed him gently on his sofa and backed silently away, the man stirred a little and moaned in his sleep. The turtle leaned close to his sleeping creator and whispered reassuringly. "It's all over. You are completely safe now. Rest easy."

Mike07 clambered out of the window and high-fived his dimensional duplicates when he reached the rooftop. "We rock, dudes."

"Yeah. Let's get on back. See how our Leo's are getting on." Mike07 led the way, and the two turtles leapt with grace beside him. Three agile panthers moving with speed and agility.

"This Home World is a cool place. Maybe we should come back sometime?" Mike12 grinned, leaping with ease across two buildings.

"Yeah, I'd like that." Mike03 smiled. "Maybe check on those two dudes and make sure everything is okay sometime."

Leo12 had narrowly avoided the Mikey's dropping Kevin back at his apartment. He entered the main living area and left the sketch on the man's desk. Leaving as silently as a shadow, the ninja made his way back to the warehouse.

Not one person in Home World knew they had been there.

They faded into the night without a trace.