Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twenty-Five...

Eye of the Storm, Part Two

Baxter gulped and took a step backwards. He was flush against the door, his hands out in front of him. "It's Leonardo. It's four Leonardo's! This is incredible."

"Hey. What about us? There are four Mikey's too." Mike03 crouched defensively, swinging his nunchuk’s in a show of dexterity.

Stockman shrugged and looked at the Mikey's with a slight smirk. "Really? I didn't notice. It isn't you I'm worried about!"

"You. Turtles. Are. History!" Hun raised himself up painfully from the ground. "Keep by the door, Stockman. No-one get's by you."

Baxter gulped again. "I keep telling everyone. I'm a scientist! Not a warrior. If they get by you, it's over."

"Then they won't get by me!" Hun rose to his full height. He had taken a nasty fall, but he was recovering quickly. His particular mutation allowed him to heal at an accelerated rate, and his muscles were already tensing - ready for the fight of his life.

Hun flew at the first Leonardo before him, swinging his bulky arm and closing his gigantic claw into a loose fist. He was pure muscle and rage as he moved in on the lithe turtle who merely eyed him without fear.

Leo07 watched the creature descend upon him with narrowed eyes and a slight smile. At the last moment, before Hun's fist connected with his jaw, the turtle sidestepped gracefully and Hun went flying into some racking. Boxes fell on top of the enraged mutant's head. He growled, his anger intensifying as he rose to his feet and charged once more.

Leo87 was his new target. Being the smallest variation of Leonardo, Hun assumed he would be an easy mark. As he closed in on the little guy, Leo87 swung his katana's with ease and dropped into a fighting stance.

It looked ludicrous. The size difference was immense. Hun was a gigantic monster bearing down on Leo87 who looked tiny in comparison.

Instead of assisting the small turtle, the other Leo's and Mikey's looked on in anticipation. They knew better than to judge an opponent on size alone.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Leo12 asked in a whisper, his hands edging to the hilt of his swords. "This is gonna be nasty."

"Don't worry about it. Our Master Splinter is about the same size as this little dude. He can handle himself." Mike03 winked at Leo12. "He's a lot tougher than he looks."

The enraged animal closed in on Leo87. He reached for the small turtles throat intending to throttle the little guy. Leo87 grabbed hold of Hun's muscled arms as soon as he was in range and easily flipped him over his head, slicing Hun's inner arms with his two blades.

Hun found himself flying again. His head connected with the metal racking and he crumpled to the ground unconscious.

"Whoah! You rock, dude!" Mike87 high-fived his dimensional brother with a happy laugh. "Score one for the little guys!"

Leo03 turned his attention to Stockman. He was still against the door, trembling at this display of impressive turtle strength. His metal body was quivering with fear, making strange rattling noises. "You want to move, Baxter?"

"I can't. I'm too afraid to move." Baxter closed his eyes and held on tightly to the door.

Leo07 looked at the cyborg with an amused smile. He stepped forward and heaved him out of the way, leaving the door exposed.

"You know, I really thought this would be harder." Mike03 shrugged and grinned at everyone. "But I'm not complaining. Who needs extra work, right?"

"Mikey, Focus. This isn't over yet." Leo03 waited for Leo07 to give the order.

"Mike, why don't you knock on this door." Leo07 stood aside and let his dimensional brother kick the door wide open. He entered the room, closely followed by the other turtles.

They stood at one end of the room. A bank of monitors were facing them from the other side. A figure was seated in front of them with his back turned. It was a total act of disregard, showing his intruders that he was completely unafraid.

Finally, he stood up and turned to face them. His colourless face contorted into a furious expression. "I've been expecting you."

Mike12 shivered. This Shredder looked mean! "Erm guys? How we gonna do this."

Leo87, bolstered by his earlier victory over Hun, stepped forward and ran at the monochrome Shredder. He was pumped, adrenaline flowing, and he wanted to prove he was just as competent as the big Leo's.

"Little Leo! Wait, not yet!" Leo07 warned as he watched the green blur descend on his adversary.

Everything went into slow motion as Leo87 connected with ShredderPrime. The other turtles watched in mute horror as ShredderPrime grabbed the small turtle and lifted him off his feet. Leo87's katana's dangled from his arms as he tried to slash blindly at the enemy before him.

"You are one of those annoying reptiles that befouled me with garbage and knocked me off the roof!" ShredderPrime's eyes narrowed with rage. "I was hoping you'd be first."

Leo07 started forward, a sick feeling rising in his belly. He saw the others move also as they ran towards the fighting pair. They knew they would be too late.

Mike87 threw a grappling hook at ShredderPrime who easily sliced it in mid-air. It fell uselessly to the ground. The enemy grabbed one of Leo87's katana's from the small turtles hand and held it aloft.

Leo07 and Leo03 unleashed a barrage of shuriken, hoping to distract ShredderPrime for a few precious moments, but he batted them aside with ease.

ShredderPrime looked deeply into Leo87's eyes. The little guy kicked out furiously, his eyes filled with anger at his current helpless state. Frustrated tears trickled down the stricken turtles face. At that moment, ShredderPrime's mouth curved into a cruel smile.

"NO!" Mike87 jumped forward and caught his dimensional brother as he fell. He was still holding one katana in his hand as he crumpled to the ground. "Help!"

Leo12 dropped to Mike87's side. Mike12 joined them, his face twisted in horror at the sight before him.

Mike87 had his arms firmly around his brother, but blood was everywhere. The stump that was Leo87's right arm was spewing red fluid all over the other turtle.

The rest of the turtles connected with ShredderPrime simultaneously in a wave of hostility that knocked the villain backwards into his bank of monitors. As he fell heavily, cursing the green blurs that were allowing no respite, he reached for his concealed shuriken. Mike03 felt one stab into his forearm, but it didn't stop or even slow the angry mutant.

"You really shouldn't have done that!" Mike03 shouted. "We like that little guy!"

"Bad move." Leo07's voice was oddly calm but filled with deadly intent. Sheathing his own swords, he reached for Leo87's bloodied katana. It had rolled away from the turtles lifeless arm and lay discarded by the severed limb. The blade was covered with the little guy's blood. He held the weapon up to his face - noting the blood dripping from the blade. "You'll die by this sword."

Meanwhile, there was a mindless panic from the other turtles gathered around the wounded warrior. Mike87 was trying not to cry, but he was truly frightened. His heart was beating wildly as he held onto his brother and looked up at the others with pleading eyes. "Help me! Leonardo can't die here! Not like this!"

"Don's come in. Don's come in. We've got injured here." Leo12 babbled into his transmitter.

"Calm down, Leo." Don12's voice was reassuring and warm. "He's still alive, we can see it from here. You need to tourniquet the wound immediately or he'll bleed to death."

Mike12 sprang into action. "Right. I know this. Something tight around the wound, right?"

"That's right, Mikey. Really tight. Mega tight." Don12 talked in hushed tones to his dimensional duplicates. "You should have a tourniquet in the first aid kit. Use that."

Leo12 tore into the first aid kit in a panic. He located the tourniquet and unravelled the device. It looked like a small belt with a plastic rod sticking out.

"Loop it around the stump gently, immediately above the injury. Then pull the rod back and twist the material until it stops circulation." Don12 continued, his voice relaxing and sure.

Leo12 followed the instruction carefully. He looped the band through the stump and above the wound itself. Then he took the plastic rod and began to twist. The band tightened around Leo87's mutilated arm. He groaned in agony.

"Can't we give him something for the pain?" Mike12 was freaking out, wincing in sympathy.

Mike87 was holding onto his dimensional brother for dear life. "Yeah, Leonardo needs some pain relief. Fast!"

"Easy. Just follow my instructions." Don12 was still talking to his doppelgangers. "You need to bring him back here ASAP. We'll take care of little Leo here."

Mike87 lifted his wounded brother up into his arms. Leo12 held the tourniquet as Mike12 grabbed the severed limb and put it into a plastic bag. He handed this over to Leo12. "You two need to get him out of here. We'll handle Shredder."

Mike87 looked at Mike12, his eyes desperate. "But, our part. We haven't done our part yet."

Mike12 smiled reassuringly. "You need to be with your bro. Don't worry. We got it."

Leo12 nodded to Mike87. They carried the wounded turtle away, heading back to HQ with heavy hearts. There was nothing more they could do. The fight was over for them now. Leo87 had fallen unconscious and they had to get him back to the Donatello's.

As they walked away, the warriors within them both screamed to go back. They heard metal connecting, a battle raging behind them, and the sound of their comrades being battered in a bloody death battle.