Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Nineteen...

Seeing Red, Part One

Location : Home World

"The Raphael's have reached Turtle Prime. The plan is in motion." Renet watched DonPrime as he kept vigil over the warehouse. "It's really happening. Isn't it?"

DonPrime nodded. "Yes, Renet. Everything is set. I just hope they keep their cool."

"If they don't, we are really screwed." Renet added. "How are Kev and Pete doing? Have you seen them yet?"

DonPrime shook his head. "No. The FootPrime patrol every fifteen minutes without fail. There has been no activity outside the building. Everything is happening inside, where I can't see it."

Renet gulped. "Come on guys. You're up!"



Mission Codeword : Raphael

Location : Turtle Prime

Objective : Save LeoPrime, MikePrime and RaphPrime from Sh'Okanabo

Main Enemies : FootPrime, Sh'Okanabo, Unknown Villain



Location : Turtle Prime

The Raphael's landed silently on a building rooftop. The night was almost peaceful, the moon bright and inviting. The monochrome world was bathed in eerie moonlight, casting concerning shadows in every corner.

"I don't believe it." Raph03 smirked. "We're on the actual building we need to storm. Way to go, Don."

"Combined geek power." Raph87 grinned. "I wonder what their combined IQ would be?"

"Something frightening, I would think." Raph12 crossed his arms and waited for an order. "Who's taking point on this little adventure anyway? I'm not a good choice for leader."

"Me neither. I just crack jokes and talk to random mystery people from Home World." Raph87 shrugged. "Not exactly the stuff leaders are made of."

"I'll do it." Raph07 said quietly. "I'm the oldest, and I'm a Master. It must be me."

"Cool." Raph03 was studying the roof for an entrance. "Can we get on, Fearless Leader?"

Raph07 grinned. "Please don't call me that. Anything but that."

The Raphael's spread out a floor-map of the building on the rooftop and memorised it instantly. Two floors. One main room that the Prime's were being held in. Right by the front door.

"This roof has seen better days." Raph07 mused.

Raph03 agreed. "Yeah, I think they used some sort of cheap building material. We can probably use explosives to make a hole to the first floor."

Raph12 smirked. "No need guys. I found a door. Didn't bother to pick it - just stabbed my sai into the lock and forced it open. You guys coming?"

Raph07 shook his head with a slight smile. "Jumping the gun there, aren't we? Besides, we've discussed this already. Use a lock pick. It's quieter."

Raph12 shrugged. "Hey! We aint got all day. We need to get in there now."

Raph03 pulled out a small torch from his bag. "This is a special UV torch, should make Sh’Okanabo squeal."

"Let's go." Raph07 led the way down a series of steps and found himself inside a corridor on the first floor. There were three empty rooms with the doors wide open. Dust and cobwebs were everywhere.

"Urgh, bugs." Raph03 shuddered.

"This floor has been abandoned for a long time." Raph07 mused. "We'll make that back room our base of operations. Little Raph? Contact HQ and tell them that we've arrived. You other two, come with me."

Raph87 sat cross-legged on the dusty floor and fiddled with his communicator. "Raph's to base. Raph's to base. Do you hear me?"

"We hear you and we're following your progress on screen. How's it looking?" Don03 asked, a curious edge to his voice.

"Like the abandoned building that time forgot, I guess. I'll keep you posted. The other Raph's are going to scope out the rest of the building." Raph87 looked towards a wall and waved. "They liked that. They laughed. The weird box thing from Home World filled with people. I really want to meet them. I bet they'd love a stand-up routine."

Leaving their bags of tools and equipment, the other three Raphael's scoured the first floor quickly. Abandoned was too tame a word. No one had ventured onto this dusty floor for several years. There was a staircase that led to the ground floor at the far end. Raph07 quickly and stealthily made his way down and kept to the shadows.

Raph03 and Raph12 waited, hands on their sai's. They were taut and coiled, ready to fight if needed.

Raph07 appeared back up the stairs. "You waitin' for an invitation? Come on. There's another door down here."

The three Raphael's made their way down the stairs to a broad wooden door.

Raph12 scanned the door quickly and reached inside his wristband for a skeleton key, rolling his eyes at Raph07. "Never leave The Lair without one ..."

Raph03 hung back, guarding the rear. He kept a watchful eye on the staircase, and glanced back at his doppelgangers every now and again.

It took Raph12 less than ten seconds to open the door. Raph07 signalled for the other two to wait and then pushed open the door. Stealthily he made his way into an empty room and pressed his ear slit to another door on the far side.

He made a quick gesture with his right hand. Raph03 and Raph12 approached silently, flanking the leader by instinct. As they caught up with the older turtle, the two Raphael's waited for further instruction.

Raph07 was listening intently at the door. He gestured for the others to retreat back up to the dusty first floor and rejoin Raph87 at their temporary base.

Raph87 had the Donatello's on speaker. "How'd it go, guys?"

Raph 07 sat on the floor and gestured for the two remaining Raphael's to join him in sitting down. Raph03 didn't follow that order. He had just seen a cockroach scuttling behind a dusty set of drawers.

"There are at least seven that I can hear. Maybe more. It looks like the Prime's are being held in the first room of the building near the front entrance. That's not too bright." Raph07 mused.

"We are talking about Sh'Okanabo here. Not exactly the brightest light in the sky." Raph03 smirked from his standing position.

"Are you gonna sit down. You're giving me whiplash." Raph87 grumbled, fiddling with the communicator nervously.

"No. I aint sitting down." Raph03 crossed his arms defiantly. "The room stinks."

"Sorry." Raph87 gulped. "I was nervous. One just popped out."

"Gross, little guy. The last thing we need is to be knocked out by your gas." Raph03 laughed. "So, when we gonna storm the castle?"

Raph07 held up a hand for silence. "Soon. We need to formulate a plan first. We have the element of surprise. We need to use that."

"Yes, good strategy." Don03 piped up from the communicator. "A plan will make the odds better."

"Stop back-seat leadering." Raph03 grumbled. "Get back to what you are doing."

"Here the plan." Raph07 commanded, bringing the room back to order. "Square and small Raph, get up to the roof. Check out if there is a window to the front room. If not, enter by the front door. Make sure you storm the room at exactly o'seven hundred. Got it?"

Raph12 saluted dramatically and Raph87 copied. The little guy looked over at the opposite wall and said in a dry voice. "This guy thinks he's Cyrus the Great! What a concept!"

"Can you stop doing that?" Raph12 whacked Raph87 over the head. "It really freaks me out!"

"What are we gonna do?" Raph03 watched, shaking his head, as Raph12 and Raph87 left. "Take the other door?"

Raph07 nodded. "Yep. I'm going for distraction. We Raphael's entering the room at the same time from different points. Should make everyone lose their heads for a while."

Raph03 smiled. "Not bad. Keep going with all this and I might just have to come up a name for you. How'd you like Intrepid Leader?"

Raph07 scoffed. "Yeah, right. Just call me Raph. I hate stuff like that."

"No problem, Intrepid Leader." Raph03 earned a whack on the head for that, which made him laugh out loud. "Hey! I aint Mikey!"

"Come on, we have fifteen minutes to get into position before we storm the room." Raph07 motioned for Raph03 to follow.

The two turtles made their way down the stairs and across the empty room to the door at the far side. Raph07 placed his ear slit against the door again, listening intently to the chatter from the other side.

In ninja sign language, he asked how long before o'seven hundred.

Raph03 answered back in sign. Seven minutes.

Both turtles waited for the moment to come.

On the roof, Raph12 and Raph87 made their way down the side of the building with rope. Raph12 spotted a window and signalled for Raph87 to continue climbing down.

Raph12 waited by the window as the time ticked by. He smiled gleefully at the thought of smashed glass everywhere.

Raph87 found the front door and waited as silently as a shadow. He had picked the lock silently, and was waiting for the moment to kick the door wide open.

Four minutes to go.

Raph03's muscles began to tense in anticipation. His hands tightened on his sai's.


Three minutes to go.

Raph07 stood back from the door and stood in a stance. His muscles were taut with the effort of restraining himself from kicking down the door.


Two minutes to go.

Raph12's grip on the windowsill tightened. He started to push back and prepare himself to barrel through the window.


One minute to go.

Raph87 gulped and said under his breath. "Here goes nothing."


Then it was time to act.


And all hell broke loose.