Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Twelve...


Location : Homeworld

The villain watched the monitor with narrowed eyes.

Kev was still asleep, on a sheetless bunk. A guard stood in the far corner of the room silently, like a shadow.

"You have the other one?"

"Soon." A creature ambled into view. An enormous mutant, with large pointed teeth and reptilian skin. A turtle with a vicious and unforgiving leer on its face.

"Hun, do not disappoint me."

"Master, I will find the other one myself. It seems that Laird was not in his apartment during the initial kidnapping attempt. Our ninja's were forced to come back empty handed." The fear in Hun's voice was unmistakable. He looked away from the villain, his hands trembling.

"You destroyed your first Master with your incompetence. Hun, you are otiose!"

"Master! I did not know the Turtles were going to destroy The Shredder. I would have never given them the equipment if I had known." Hun was pleading, his voice fearful and unsure. "Forgive me!"

"Hun, if you make one more mistake, you will be terminated. Understood?"

"Yes, Master." Hun bowed deeply, his reptilian face almost touching the ground.

"Oh, and Hun? Take Stockman with you."

Hun's face dropped in irritation. "Do I have to? He's so annoying."

"Take him with you. That is my final word on the matter."

Hun bowed deeply and withdrew into another room. He watched the cyborg shift into view and sighed. The only remaining biological piece of Stockman was his brain, but that was enough to cause severe irritation. "We're going on a mission, Stockman."

Stockman shifted his metal frame and huffed in annoyance. "I know, you cretinous loathsome beast. I heard everything. As if I want to work with the you anyway - moronic, repulsive brute that you are."

"Stockman!" Hun warned, growling deeply. "Be careful. I might just eat the one remaining bit of you that's chewable."

"Go ahead. I've been waiting to die. You have no idea what it's like to have such vast intelligence trapped within this cold metal frame." Stockman sighed. "Oh, if only I had died properly. If only I hadn't been resurrected by fools."

"Are you calling our Master a fool?" Hun's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Be careful, Stockman. He isn't as ... forgiving as our old Master."

Stockman sighed and shrugged his metal shoulders. The whole effect was ludicrous, and a slow smile spread on Hun's face.

"Actually, Stockman. Why don't you go tell our new Master what you are thinking." Hun chuckled maniacally. "Go on. I dare you."

"Incompetent fool. The idiots I have to work with. Why couldn't we go find other versions of me? We would have got the job done right from the start." Baxter slouched a little, unaware of the sick smile spreading across Hun's face. The next moment, a punch knocked Stockman off his feet. He fell to the ground, giving Hun a murderous look. "You'll pay for that, dolt. Mark my words. No-one crosses Baxter Stockman!"

"The other versions of you are, a little challenged." Hun smirked. "I believe one is a mutant fly."

"Get moving, Hun. We must get to Laird before the Turtles do." Stockman ushered his comrade out quickly. "There can be no mistakes. Not this time."

The night was cold, dark and oddly silent. Pete was heading back to his apartment after a night out with family.

A clatter in the alleyway that ran beside his apartment had Pete stop in his tracks and freeze.

Everything he had ever known from horror movies was screaming at Pete to get inside his apartment. Now.

But the curious side of Pete won out and he moved towards the alleyway.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

The answer wasn't anything that Pete expected.

A dart came flying out of the shadows and lodged itself in his arm.

Pete blinked twice. "What .. the ..."

He fell heavily to the ground and was unconscious before the attacker even revealed his presence.

It was only for a brief moment that the attacker came into view. He scooped Pete off the ground and disappeared before anyone saw anything unusual.