Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Eleven...

Mean, Green, Sewer Surfing Team

Mike07 stopped suddenly.

The tunnel veered off in two separate directions. However, that wasn't the reason for the sudden brake.

A shadow was moving just out of sight along one of the tunnels. The shadow of something stealthy and silent.

"Hold up, guys." Mike07 flipped the skateboard into his hands and walked towards the source of the shadow. "We're not alone."

Mike03 stopped next to his doppelganger and watched the shadow with narrowed eyes. "Wonder who's coming to the party now?"

Mike87 watched his counterparts as he slowed to a stop just behind them. "Whoah, ease up there!"

Mike12 clattered to a stop, oblivious of the hold-up in front. He had been concentrating on one of his special moves in an attempt to impress the other versions of himself. Instead, he almost ran into Mike87. "That was close. Sorry, what's up?"

"Shadow." Mike03 explained quietly. He watched the taller version of himself melt into the shadows and indicated for the others to do the same. In an instant, all Mikey's disappeared from view. They stealthily made their way to the source of the shadow.

"Dude, he's black and white!" Mike12 exclaimed loudly.

The other three Mikey's looked over at Mike12 and groaned in disbelief.

"So much for stealthy." Mike07 rolled his eyes and slapped Mike12 on the back of his head.

"This is Don from Turtle Prime." Mike03 explained as they came into view. He watched DonPrime fold his arms in defiance and continued to explain. "We ran into these guys a week ago. Tough bunch."

"Not quite. I'm the only Prime that hasn't been captured." DonPrime explained, a voice thick with sarcasm and dripping with irony. "My brothers need some extra training sessions. They are slacking."

"What happened, dude? Are your brothers okay?" Mike03 asked, his voice tense. "You know what happens if you guys get hurt or killed. We all die."

"As far as I know, nothing bad has befallen my brothers." DonPrime said. He turned to look at the sewer tunnel in a confused manner. "Why are your sewers so clean? I mean, there's a whole city up there."

Mike03 shrugged. "Maybe our dimension is a very clean place."

"What lives defecates." DonPrime unfolded his arms. He seemed very worried about the whole thing. "This doesn't really make sense."

"Come back to the lair with us." Mike03 asked, putting his arms around the monochrome turtle. "The others will want to see you."

"Can't right now." DonPrime shrugged out of Mike03's grip. "Important things are happening. I came here to give you Mikey's a message."

"What's the message?" Mike07 asked, his eyes narrowing. "Why us?"

"Yeah, we're not the leaders or the smart ones." Mike87 agreed.

"Your brothers are all starting to execute a plan of action to free my brothers from captivity and to save Home World." DonPrime explained. "I haven't got much time to explain further, but I need you guys to do something very specific."

"Why us?" Mike12 asked, his eyes wide with alarm. "We have trouble doing most things."

"Because no-one will be expecting anything from the Mikey's. You have an advantage." DonPrime shrugged. "This advantage is what will seal our victory."

"Uh huh. You do realise we're all Mikey's here, right?" Mike87 grimaced at the thought of being the pivotal part of a plan. "We are challenged."

"You have more going for you than you think." DonPrime said. "You are agile, loyal, and smarter than anyone believes. You play the dumb card, but you are smarter than even you know. Trust me. You are essential to the plan."

Mike12 gulped. He really didn't like the thought of being essential.

"What do you want us to do?" Mike07 asked.

DonPrime smiled at the Mikey's before him. "You only need to remember two names. Kevin Eastman. Peter Laird. You hear any bad guy saying those names, then act. Immediately. Those two people are the source of all TMNT life."

"Mike07 nodded. "Right. Got it. Kevin Eastman. Peter Laird. If we hear anyone using those names we act."

"And do what?" Mike12 asked innocently. "What will we need to do?"

"You'll work it out." DonPrime smiled. "They must not be harmed. I have sent a message to your brothers. They will be working on the mechanics and strategy. I want you four to be focused on saving those two men. Understand?"

Mike12 nodded and gulped. "You really sure you want to leave this to us? Isn't this, like, the one area you can't mess up in?"

DonPrime nodded, slow and sure. "Yes. It has to be you. It started with you. There is a symmetry to all of this. Mikey has an important role to play. All of you have an important role to play."

DonPrime lifted a small gadget from his belt and a portal sprung into life before the Mikey's. "Remember. Kevin Eastman. Peter Laird. Nothing else. Don't be sidetracked. There will only be one opportunity."

DonPrime stepped into the portal and stopped suddenly. "Oh, and another thing."

"What?" Mike03 looked like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. "What else?"

"Don't tell any of this to your brothers. This is a task for you and you alone. Your brothers have to be focused on their tasks." DonPrime stepped through the portal and was gone within an instant leaving the Mikey's trembling in fear. The portal closed and the Mikey's looked at each other in horror.

"Guys." Mike87 shivered, his face greener than usual. "This is serious!"

"You think?" Mike03 groaned, slapping his face with his hand. "We are so not the best guys for this job."

"Doesn't matter, dudes." Mike07 suddenly said, stepping forward. He looked grim and resolute. "We have to do this. You heard the Prime. We're the only ones who can."

Mike12 gulped. "Let's hope, just this once, we don't mess up."