Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Five...

Mikey in Multiple

"So, Splinter didn't say anything else then?" Casey asked as April walked along with him through a sewer tunnel. "He just needed to see us pronto?"

"That's all he said, Casey. He told us to take the sewer route too. He sounded ... odd." April admitted, avoiding a dark grimy pile of foul smelling gunk. "Like he was stretched too thinly. Like all hell had broken loose. Hope the guys are okay."

Casey stopped April and put his hands on her shoulders. "Hey, listen babe. The guys will be okay. They always are."

A moment later, something whizzed along the tunnel and stopped before them.

"Hey April. Hey Casey."

April blinked in amazement at the sudden appearance of their friend. "Mikey? Is that the guys with you?"

Three shadowy shapes flanked Mike03's side. April couldn't quite see them as they were keeping out of sight.

"Erm, not quite." Mike03 admitted with a little laugh. "April, meet my other selves!"

The shadowy turtles moved into the light and waved at April.

April blinked in amazement. Four Mikey's? Was that even possible? "Erm, hi. Nice to meet you."

Casey's hands flew to his head as he stuttered in disbelief. "Didn't this happen last week?"

"Erm, yeah. Kinda. It's a long story. You guys headed to the lair?" Mike03 asked.

April nodded. "Yeah, Splinter said he wants to see us at once. He said it was an emergency. He wants me to work with Don and Leatherhead. What's going on?"

Mike03 grinned widely. "You'll see. We're going skateboarding for the next three hours. See that version of me over there?" Mike03 pointed to Mike07, then he spoke in a whisper as he confessed to April. "I think he has too much energy. He has to be on the go all the time."

"It's called ADHD, Mike. You've had it for years." April laughed, stepping back and waving the intrepid sewer surfers off. "Be careful, urgh, Mikey's."

"We will, April!" Mike12 grinned widely at April and Casey. Then he sped off to join his doppelgangers.

"Is it me, or is Mikey looking cuter with every version?" Casey grinned, watching Mike12 take off. "Did you see them wide eyes, April? He looked about twelve."

"Yeah, I noticed that." April laughed. "I wonder how the others are doing?

"Dread to think. Imagine four Raph's!" Casey's eyes were wide with wonder. "They'd never get on!"

"Imagine four Leo's" April gasped, her eyes widening. "Four Don's. Wow!"

"Hey, we'd better make a move on, April. Splinter definitely needs us right now."

"Come on, this way." April motioned, leading Casey down yet another tunnel.


Leo07 crouched as silently as a shadow as he watched the laboratory with a keen interest from above. He had wedged himself between two beams, and was currently undetected by the group of excitable scientists below.

Far from doing anything productive, the four Donatello's were sitting in a circle and talking about ... girls. Only Leatherhead seemed to be actively doing anything, as he worked through a pile of spreadsheets before him.

Leo07 listened to the conversation with interest. A slow smile spread to his face as he heard the excitement and the conversation moved to a particular subject.

"A version of Donny?" Leo07 mused to himself. "In love with April?"