Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Four...

Video Games, Meditation and Sparring

It was inevitable to all versions of Leonardo that this would happen.

Mikey03 had grabbed his three doppelgangers and led them to the video station.

"Dude, you have one sweet set up!" Mike12 exclaimed in wonder, eyes wide in disbelief.

"Get your Donnie to set one up." Mike03 advised helpfully. "If you annoy him long enough, he'll give in and get you an ace deal like this."

Mike07 sat fidgeting on the sofa and watching the three versions of himself playing video games. "Dudes, how can you stay still so long? Hey, you got a skateboard?"

Mike03 grinned and turned to his lithe doppelganger. "You bet, tall dude! I got four! We can each have one and go sewer surfing!"

"Can I stay and play video games?" Mike12 asked, his eyes wide with excitement.

"Tell ya what, lil bro. Come out skateboarding now, and I'll play you later." Mike87 put an arm around the younger turtle, following the older Mikey's with a spring in his step.

"Is it advisable to let all four Mikey's go off together?" Leo07 asked as Splinter poured green tea. "I mean, it's Mikey. Four times the trouble."

Splinter smiled and gestured for all Leonardo's to sit with him on the practice mat. "I'm sure the Michelangelo group can handle anything that comes their way."

Tea distributed, Splinter closed his eyes and allowed the fumes from the tea to relax his troubled mind. "My sons, meditate with me. It will help clear the confusion from your thoughts. The Donatello group will provide an answer to your predicament. We need only wait, and unwind."

Sighing in frustration, the four leaders allowed Splinter to guide them through a simple meditative state. As their minds expanded and broke free of their confusion,

each Leo began to slip into a deep state of relaxation.

Don03 had led his doppelgangers into the lab and had already contacted Leatherhead for assistance. The croc was overwhelmed with the news that there were so many turtles at the lair, and was only too eager to come and help. The idea of brainstorming with four Donatello's excited the mutant croc, and it took him less than fifteen minutes to traverse the sewers and arrive at the lair.

Raph03 glared at the one remaining group. A group of testosterone driven fury glaring his way. All except the little one, he noted. Raph87 was looking around himself in awe at the other versions of himself.

"Er, wanna let off some steam in the dojo?" Raph03 asked, trying to keep the growl from his voice.

Raph07 cracked his knuckles and stepped forward. "You and me gotta score to settle."

"Er, why? What'd I do now?" Raph03 was stumped. He hadn't hurt anyone, and couldn't see the need for the tall one to give him a beat down. Master or not, Raph03 would give as good as he got.

"The way you talked to my bro back there. Gonna pay for that one. Dojo. Now!" The command in Raph07's voice brought a new boiling rage to Raph03.

"Ya think ya can take me, bro? I don't care if you think you're Master of the Universe." Raph03 stood in a defensive stance. "I can take ya right here."

Raph07 fluidly moved into a stance and growled deep. "I aint yer bro, bro!"

"Whoah, there. Er, yeah, time out!" Raph87 moved between the two challengers, a goofy smile on his face. "We're all Raphael's here. Let's just cool down and take a breather."

Raph12 grabbed Raph87's shell and moved him back, away from the building fight. A lazy, wicked smile spreading on his face. "Outta the way, short guy. I wanna see this."

Raph87 looked his counterpart from head to toe and grinned suddenly, erupting into furious giggles. "You're not much taller than me, and you call me a short guy?"

Raph12's wicked grin grew further and he poked Raph87 in the plastron. "You insultin' me? Wanna go a round?"

"Raphael!" Splinter's voice cut through the growing tension. "All of you! Dojo. Now! Do not fight in the living area!"

Grumbling, the four Raphael's headed into the dojo, head's bowed. As soon as they reached the dojo, Raph03 barrelled into Raph07, bringing down the lithe turtle with a satisfied growl.

Raph07 flipped deftly out of the way and landed a punishing punch to his adversaries jaw. Raph03 went down heavily, surprised at the speed at which his adversary moved. He nursed his bruised jaw and rose to his feet, glaring daggers at the other.

Raph07 smiled a little. "Your anger blinds ya! You really are a version of me! Maybe I should go easy on ya. You remind me of me five years ago."

"What changed?" Raph03 roared with unrestrained rage. "Ya became Leo? With ya high and mighty new attitude?" Closing in, Raph03 lunged towards his taller doppelganger, hands reaching for the other turtle’s throat in a blind fury.

Raph07 flipped the enraged turtle onto his shell with ease, straddling Raph03 and leaving no room to manoeuvre. "No. I got smart. Realised how I was getting beaten. Anger is the true enemy!"

"Er, guys? A little help here?"

Raph07 and Raph03 looked towards the back of the dojo and suddenly burst out laughing.

Raph12 was standing there, an evil smile on his face. Raph87 was hanging upside down from a beam by his left leg, swinging with a pained expression on his face.

"Can you believe it?" Raph12 smirked. "This idiot has his Initial stamped on his belt. Who does he think he is?"

Raph07 rose to his feet and offered a hand to his fallen adversary. "Truce?"

Raph03 blinked in amazement. His anger was completely abated. He had been so thrown by the other Raph's antics that his fury had melted completely. He smiled warmly at the taller version of himself. "That sounds good, bro." Taking the offered hand, Raph03 got to his feet. "Sure, truce. Well, maybe."

Raph07 raised an eye ridge in understanding. The next moment, the two turtles were engaged in battle once again, this time with less fury and more tactics. Raph07 moved fluidly, countering his opponent’s strikes with lazy grace.

"Er, still hanging here. Guys?" Raph87 sighed. Raph12 was still grinning at him in that frighteningly evil way, and he didn't seem to want to help him anytime soon. With the other two Raphael's engaged in combat it became clear to Raph87 that he might be hanging from this beam for quite a while.