Turtles Forever... A Trilogy Dimensional Ass-Kicking Crime Fighting Teams

Chapter Three...

No More Noogies!

Mike03 watched as four excitable little turtles jumped over to him in glee shouting the word he had come to fear.

As they pinned him to the floor and started their attack, Mike03 giggled uncontrollably and tried to roll away unsuccessfully. "Come on guys! Quit it!"

Two other groups had separated from the main mass and were now looking around themselves in wonder and disbelief.

Raph03 examined each bundle of turtle joy with a scowl. They all looked strange, a little off somehow. At least he was used to the little guys with a weird fascination for giving Mikey noogie.

The other two groups were more serious, and they looked very uncomfortable.

Tall, lithe Leo stepped forward and addressed Splinter with a respectful tone. "Sensei, what is happening here? Why is everything so ... different?"

Splinter walked towards the uncertain turtle and placed a reassuring furry arm on his plastron. "You are a Master, my son?"

Leo07 nodded, then he gestured towards his dimensional brother, Raphael. "As is my brother."

Splinter nodded and turned towards the other group of surprisingly 'square' looking turtles. They were all of different heights and different shades of green. They looked a lot younger than their other counterparts, and possibly looked the most fearful of them all.

"How old are you?" Splinter asked gently.

"Fifteen, Sensei." Leo12 bowed respectfully. "I do not understand what is happening here. Are we under attack? Is it the Kraang?"

"Krang?" Don87 stopped giving Mike03 noogie and looked up thoughtfully. "Did you say you fight Krang?"

"The Kraang" Don12 corrected at once. "An alien race of creatures that have a robotic body and a brain-like mass in the stomach of their mechanical suits. They are really grim."

Don03 whispered to Splinter. "Sounds like an evil version of the Utroms."

"Yeah, like, super grim." Mike12 added with a grimace. "They make weird noises, smell like fish and mutate everyone around them."

"You have more than one Krang?" Don87 looked confused for a moment. Then his countenance brightened. "Well, its obvious what's going on here. Donatello's? Want to help me explain?"

All four Donatello's came together, their faces flushed as they formed a group of their own and started talking in excited and hushed tones. Everyone else stood around nervously, waiting for their own respective brainiac to come up with an answer.

At one point, Don12 became overly excited, as if discovering something new for the first time. He listened to the other Donatello's, grinning wildly. He was also laughing a lot, his voice more high pitched than the other Donatello's. In fact, Leo87 found his voice oddly familiar.

"You have a crocodile scientist friend that can help us?" Don07 mused to himself in disbelief. "Why haven't we got one of those in our dimension?"

Don87 grinned at his lithe counterpart and slapped a hand affectionately on his shell. "At least you haven't got an evil version of Leatherhead like we do!"

Finally, Don03 turned to face the groups and his sensei. "We think we have an answer. The transporter has malfunctioned causing a wormhole between dimensions. Unfortunately, three versions of ourselves have been caught and brought here, at the source of the transporter itself. It might take some ... time ... to get everyone back home."

Raph03 groaned again. It was going to be a shell of a day.